Perfect Condos For the Right Requirement

If you decided to acquire a property, the first step is to define the region where you want to live. The tip is also valid if the purchase is for investment only, since the chosen area may influence the valuation or devaluation of the asset.

The Right Establishment

Establish what is essential for you, things you do not give up: whether a house or apartment, the ideal footage, number of parking spaces, balcony, quiet around, yard, recreation area. Also calculate how much you can and want to spend, and if you choose a condo, consider the rates common to the residents. With the Luxury Condos for sale in Hua Hin this happens to be a very important task.

  • Calculate with caution everything you should spend to not have surprises. If you plan to use financing, remember that the lower the amount and the number of installments, the lower the interest expenses, which vary from bank to bank. In the Broker Channel, on this site, you will find the financing simulators of the main banking institutions.
  • In addition to these expenses, do not forget to consider the Tax on Real Estate Transmission paid by the buyer about 3% of the market value of the property, in the city of Hua Hin.

Bringing together satisfaction, cost and quality is not an easy task. Therefore, it is important that you determine your true needs, your financial availability and your expectations. Buying a property requires a lot of research. The realtor is the professional feedback to make that search less arduous, helping to turn your dream into reality.

Broker Talk

Talk to the broker explaining what you want and expect from the new property. Ask him to only book a visit if the house or apartment meets your needs.

When you are interested in some property, first of all analyze the location. Walk around and learn about the region’s infrastructure and the services offered, such as supermarkets, bakeries, pharmacies, banks. Check the local bus lines or the proximity to the subway, and how long you will take to work and school children. The new property needs to make life easier for the family and not cause inconvenience.

Make An Attempt

Try to know the establishments that exist in the surroundings, like a samba school or a busy club, and how much they can interfere in its tranquility. Also inquire if there is a free fair one day a week on the street and talk to residents about the occurrence of floods. These are precautions that avoid future problems and regrets.

Visit the nearby area and also the property by day and night. Do this as many times as you deem necessary until you feel safe.

Look for plumbing and mains conditions, ventilation and lighting of the rooms, the incidence of the sun, conservation of the ceiling, roof, walls and floor, check for cracks, leaks or mold. If possible, be accompanied by someone who can assist you in these assessments.