Highly effective and durable cleaning device at affordable prices

A high-pressure washer is an amazing mechanical device that removes all the excess dust, paint, rust, chewing gum, stain, grime, etc. without much time and effort from the heavy industrial and commercial equipment. Most of the reputed pressure washer manufactures such as Unimanix give priority to the safety of the user and thus provide outstanding quality and high-performance pressure washer at affordable prices.

Quick and convenient

Cleaning heavy vehicles like bus, train, truck, trailers, etc. and heavy industrial machinery is a hectic and time-consuming task but with efficient pressure washer user qualified and assigned staff can perform the task in lesser time conveniently. The reputed brands provide all the related cleaning services such as designing and installation of the pressure washer as per customer’s need, construction of wash bay system for fast cleaning, repairing work by skilled professionals, ahuge collection of parts and accessories, regular maintenance of the device by the experienced technical team, etc.

A right pressure washer well suited for the intended purpose can immensely satisfy your cleaning requirements and is a worthy investment for a lifetime. The reputed brands mostly deal with other useful products such as water filtration system, surface preparation, detergents, dry streamer, mobile solutions, etc.

Choose wisely

While choosing the pressure washer first determine the usage of the device and then do some research beforehand to get maximum output from the device.Though the huge benefits and ease of use encourage many households to buy a pressure washer for their indoor and outdoor cleaning but commercial pressure washer are bit different and has to be chosen considering few critical factors such as:

  • Safety– The pressure of high-pressure washer is usually very high and thus need to be handle with extreme care and precautions. It is advisable to take all the important safety measure before starting the machine.
  • Demonstration– Test runs the machine beforehand and checks all the important mechanical parts and other things for theproper functioning of the device such as pressure, nozzle, stream, chemicals, connections, valves, pumps, detergents etc. Follow the instruction carefully otherwise you could cause damage to the machine, yourself or the equipment.
  • Chose as per requirements- Determine which pressure washer either ahot pressure washer or cold pressure washer will meet your cleaning requirements. Even under hot pressure washer customer can chose diesel motor, petrol engine, electric motor, PTO pumps or hydraulic motor and under cold pressure category options are diesel motor, petrol engines, electric motor.