Why Is A Fire Rated Door Necessary For Business Establishment And Facilities?

Perhaps, fire is one of the most destructive property tragedies that could happen. Besides thousands and millions of dollars in damage costs, it could also take priceless innocent lives. It is a reason why governing bodies around the world require establishments and facilities to have a fire rated door in their facility for the safety and facility of the staff and patrons.

Here are the reasons why it is necessary to invest in an HDB fire rated door:


Let us say you have a restaurant, and instead of installing a fire-rated door, you use an ordinary door. When a fire starts in the kitchen, it will quickly spread not only in the kitchen but in the dining area, cashier, and other areas of the restaurant. Why?

Oxygen fuels fire more. Oxygen can pass through the gaps between the doors and floors, and walls, making the fire bigger. A fire rated door has an insulating quality that makes it harder for oxygen to pass through. Therefore, it delays the spread of fire.

Fire-rated doors are not for commercial facilities alone. You can also replace your HDB main door with a fire-rated one to protect your family at home.


One of the reasons why people fail to escape fires is smoke inhalation. Most of the time, breathing in smoke kills people more than the fire itself. Thick smoke irritates the lungs and airways, causing the person to wheeze and experience difficulty breathing. It also restricts oxygen from entering the bloodstream.

Besides preventing the fire from spreading, the insulating capacity of a fire-rated door also contains the smoke in one area alone and prevents it from spreading to other areas. It will be ideal if your modern HDB gate design is also fire-rated.


Containing the smoke and fire in one place gives people more time to escape. It also prevents the smoke and fire from engulfing other pathways, providing people with more exit points.


Similarly, delaying the spread of fire and smoke by containing them in one area, courtesy of a fire-rated HDB main door, provides firefighters more lead time to arrive at the location, assess the fire, and set up their tools. Therefore there is a high chance of putting out the fire without engulfing the entire property.

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