Getting a Real Estate Education: Join a Real Estate Investors Association

If you have decided that 2018 is the year you change your career or that now is the time to start investing in real estate. You couldn’t have picked a better time to get started, the market has never been better and housing prices continue to climb. Many experts are trying to predict when the newest real estate bubble will burst, but if you are waiting for that, then you have already lost. Real estate is the longest, most tried and true way to invest and even though there may be market fluctuations, in the end, real estate will continue to increase in value.

 If you are new to real estate or have simply decided it’s time to get more serious about investing, you are going to want to get an education first. This doesn’t mean going enrolling and attending classes like you typically think when you hear education (Although it could). The education you should be getting is firsthand education from professionals that have done the things you are looking to do! At the Alabama Real Estate Investors Association they teach real estate investors how to avoid making the most common industry mistakes, but also offer teaching in a variety of ways.

Every person learns differently, and the real estate industry is no different. You must understand that as a tenant, they can hire an Attorneys real estate group as well and defend themselves in court. Thus, searching tenant eviction attorney near me is essential to understand the process. The Alabama Real Estate Investors Association can refer people to books but also offers real advice from investors that know the industry. Alareia meets once per month and along with the meeting, Brian Trippe does a weekly podcast where he interviews experts in the industry.

Looking for experts to network with?

Maybe you are an experienced investor, but need partners or have questions about an upcoming job or rental project. By joining a real estate investors association, you will meet local experts that can help you in a few different ways including:

  • Know the best areas to invest – Location, location, location! You hear that phrase all of the time and for good reason. If you buy a great property in a bad location, you could certainly lose money, whereas you could purchase a below average property in an up and coming neighborhood that could pay huge dividends down the road. By meeting other local investors, you can find the areas that you should invest and avoid the areas that don’t have as much upside.

  • Find investors – If you are wanting to invest or rehab a home but don’t have the necessary funds, a real estate investors association is the perfect place. There are members that invest daily and if you can offer them a good deal to work together, they may help you finish your project!

Real estate investing has become so popular that people can sometimes be overwhelmed on where to go for advice. If you find yourself in that situation, consider joining a local real estate investors association where you can meet many different people and educate yourself on what options are best for you. You may even make a few friends along the way.