5 Benefits of Opting for a Service Apartment in Singapore

Hotel accommodations can be pricey if you plan to stay for longer than a day or two with a few other people. It was why I tried looking for alternative accommodation options for my business in the city. It is how I found affordable serviced apartments around Singapore. Visitors and travellers can receive several advantages from short term rentals that make them worthwhile as the next home away from home.

#1 Authentic Guest Experience

Most short and long term serviced apartment rentals around Singapore provide a more customised experience than hotels. They allow guests to have an authentic travel experience with the various amenities and services they provide. Moreover, hotels sometimes provide cookie-cutter experiences, similar decor and services even in diverse locales. Also, business agendas can run long and not go according to your plan, which could have run my tab at the hotel higher.

#2 Freedom & Flexibility

Short term apartment rental facilities around Singapore provide potential guests with greater freedom. It let my group stay for short periods without making a long-term commitment. Some rental apartments offer guests a more immersive experience by allowing them to explore the region at leisure. A serviced apartment rental let me experience independence while exploring new locations.

#3 More Accommodating to Families

Short-term rentals are an excellent choice for people that bring their families for vacation while fulfilling business agendas. It has more space than a hotel room can offer. The bit of extra room we got from the service apartment I rented in Singapore might be a lifesaver for a family on vacation. Moreover, some short-term rentals are surrounded by nature and offer ample space for the entire family to explore. The one we stayed at was near notable sites like fitness centres and stores.