Protective Plumbing Gears you Need to Have at Home

Homes get old even if we don’t want them too. As we advanced in years, get weaker in time, so do our residential properties that are made of materials that wear out in time. We can slow down the ageing of our homes by doing some clever maintenance tips but the very foundation of our houses, the walls, and even the fixtures will surely wear out in time.

Now, there are inevitable wear and tear damages that will surely confront us when our bathroom and kitchen fixtures get old. Pipes will rust. Drains will be damaged. Bathroom tiles will get thinner or broken with frequent usage. These are all inevitable and we have to get them repaired at the first sign of damage. You may even need plumbing assistance port angeles wa to install the advanced type of water heating appliance you have just bought.

There really are minor problems in our home fittings that we can address on our own while some require the skills of pros. But whether you are hiring someone to fix your home fixture for you or you’ll do it on your own, you got to have some protective tools to keep inside the cabinet. Here are some of them.


This simple but very important protective gear will save you time while working on some sink or bathtub problems. Instead of standing up then lowering your body over and over while the job is being done, you can have all of the necessary tools on the vest that is attached to your chest. This way, you won’t have a hard time picking the tools. Pick a vest with different shapes and sizes of compartments and adjustable straps so they it can fit perfectly and you can put inside screws, putty knives, and the other different tools you’ll need.


If you decide to remove nasty and gross clogs on your kitchen sink all by yourself, then it’s very basic to use gloves. Store as many gloves as you can. Choose the waterproof type and the most durable pair that you can buy from the store so you won’t end up with torn out gloves while fixing the sink.

Safety Glasses

These eye protection gears is important not only in accomplishing plumbing jobs but even other handyman tasks. Remember that there are sharp and small objects in your home fixtures that can potentially and suddenly fly detach from the fixture and come right at your eyes while you work on it. There are even harmful chemicals that can splash right into your eyes when working on the bathroom pipes so better get your eyes protected by safety glasses.


You may think that boots are overkill for a home DIY plumbing project. But trust me, you’ll have to get as much protection as you can while performing plumbing tasks. Boots are very important when working inside the bathroom because water will always be part of your plumbing system and fixtures. Make sure you have rubber boots somewhere in your house that you or a professional plumber can use just in case he forgot to bring a pair.

Fire-resistant cloth

Finally, prevention is better than cure. If something sparks fire while you or your plumbing pro tries to solve the problem, it’s safer to have a fire-resistant cloth around.