Essential Air Conditioning Deals You have to Consider Now

Changing the cabin filter, normally, is a simple operation that you can do yourself and save money. The filter itself costs about 10 euros and with it you ensure that the air that enters the interior of the car is free of pollen and other polluting particles. In addition, when it is obstructed, the air flow that passes through it is getting smaller, so when changing it you should notice more air coming out.

Bad smell in the car

If you get a bad smell from the air conditioning exits, the normal thing is that it improves the problem a lot when changing the filter. However, that bad smell is due to the proliferation of fungi and bacteria in the ducts. In my case, whenever I change the injected filter and fungicidal spray in the air ducts, then it must be put in recirculation with the windows closed for 10 minutes, thus eliminating the bad odors of the car, at least, those that are due to the air conditioner. From the Air Conditioning Repair Columbia SC now you can have the smartest deal now.

Air conditioning gas recharge

If you have already done all the above and still not cooled enough, you will have to recharge the air conditioning gas . This is not an operation that you can do yourself and, besides, it is not expensive either because the workshops usually launch offers in which they do it for a price not higher than 30 euros. Anyway, this is not something that should be done every year and, if so, is that you have a problem in one of the components or a leak.

Review of air conditioning, every two years

Some people do not know it, but periodically the air conditioning must be checked thoroughly and get residential air conditioning replacement cornelia ga done, in the case of older cars, the revision of the air conditioning wheaton il every two years is the most convenient. This you have to do in a workshop, if possible, the own brand of your car that is always the most effective. There they will verify that the compressor, the evaporator or the expansion valve work well, that there are no leaks and yes, they will also recharge you with gas, although they will charge you more than 30 euros.

At less temperature, more expense

It is not advisable to put the air conditioning at less than 22 degrees, not only because the temperature would drop too much, also because it would mean an unnecessary expenditure of fuel. Experts point out that bringing the A / C below 20 degrees raises the consumption up to 20%. One final note: in case you have not followed these tips on time and the air conditioning of your car is no good, here I leave a curious trick to cool the car without air conditioning.

Use the air conditioner correctly

Do not abuse the air conditioner as a general rule. To cool the car, especially if it is very hot, start the march with the windows open and turn on the air after one or two minutes.