Can Lining Your Drapery Curtains Benefit you?

When purchasing window coverings for your home, one of the best ideas is to consider the advantages of lining your drapery curtains. Did you know that almost all Drapery curtains are lined? Yes, you have read that right. Though lining these window coverings is not necessary, it may offer so many benefits.

  • Helps Your Window Coverings To Last Longer

This is probably one of the main reasons why people prefer lining drapery curtains panels. And this could be beneficial. Lining your drapery curtains protects your fabric from being exposed to the sun, thereby protecting the interior fabric from harsh rays. You may have heard that sun rays can weaken the fabric and affects its life. As a result of lining, your drapery curtains will last for long as their fabric is protected from every factor that can cause damage to it.

  • Boosts Your Window’s Opacity

Lined drapery curtains can also enhance the privacy of your home. There are many fabrics that are only semi-private. This could be problematic during evening hours. Lining drapery curtains boost the opacity of your window, thereby giving your bathroom or bedroom complete privacy.

  • Shapes your Drapery Curtains

Many interior designers agree with the fact that lining can increase the overall look of drapery curtains. This is because it helps the thinner fabrics drape perfectly thereby giving them a look of a thicker fabric.

  • Provides A Uniform Look To Your Drapery Curtains From Outside

Linings for drapery curtains are usually made from Ivory or white fabric. So, it creates a unified look from the exterior of the home. Lining your window coverings with light-colored fabrics also helps make your windows wider from the outside.

  • Creates A Richer Appearance For The Front Side Of The Fabric

Without lining your drapery curtains, your window coverings may appear washed during the daytime due to the sunlight. A proper lining will give the interior (front) of your drapery curtains a richer appearance.

  • Hides Imperfections In Some Fabrics

Drapery curtains made of certain fabrics always have some imperfections. The only way to hide those imperfections is to line these window coverings with the right lining. This would enhance the overall look of your windows.

  • Offers Great Window Insulation Features

Do you want more insulation features from your window coverings? Then why not think to line them made of the right fabric? It offers more insulation and saves both heating and cooling expenses throughout the year.

  • Room Darkening Options Completely Block Out The Light

Linings for drapery curtains are usually available in room darkening (opaque) options. So, if privacy is your main concern and you want to completely block out the light, consider adding a lining to your window coverings. You can also line the drapery curtains of your media room, children’s bedroom, or someone who needs to sleep in the daytime.

Whether you are remodeling the window treatments of your entire home or planning to change only one, consulting with a window treatment specialist will help you a lot in achieving what you want. So, what are you waiting for? Get your drapery curtains lined up today and avail all these benefits!