5 Latest Washbasin Ideas to Enrich your Bathroom Décor

A bathroom is perhaps the overlooked area in our home. We don’t really take efforts to decorate our bathroom. However, there is a huge scope in decorating your bathroom where you can add innovative items. The modern and contemporary bathrooms are all about clever designs and neat finishes. The washbasin is one such item that could bring novelty to your bathroom. Many unique and beautiful wash basin designs could make your bathroom look appealing.  So, let us see some bathroom décor ideas.

  • Sink Strappo  washbasin design

A washbasin doesn’t need to be something special because a simple approach can be eye-pleasing too. Sink Strappo is a very casual and unique design of washbasin. The designer Antonio Lupi has designed it in such a way that when mounted on the wall it looks like a layer of wall is peeled off. It is complemented with LED lighting which looks good in appearance.

  • Modern and storage

Like we said before the modern bathrooms have clever designs in order to have maximum utility and less wastage of space. This washbasin serves the same purpose as it comes with a hidden storage space. It’s called split which is designed by Planit. The storage is used to store all sorts of necessary things like toothbrush, toothpaste, towel etc. This storage space is easily accessible and  pretty useful.

  • Vessel

Sometimes simplicity is what we need. The Vessel is just the perfect example of how a simple design can make the bathroom look beautiful. The Vessel is designed by Sonobath which has slightly tilted corners which is a significant part of the design. It has an elegant shape with smooth corners and a beautiful texture which stands out. It has got a subtle elegance which makes it even special than other designs.

  • Minacor

Minacor is made from the new mineral material of the same name. Its specialty is that it has a smooth surface with hardwearing texture. The clever design of Minacor with lean lines and exquisite texture makes it one of a kind. The water outlets are integrated with designs so the overall appearance looks extremely good.

  • Azzura

Designed by Marti Guixe, Azzura has an unconventional design but when it comes to the utility it clinches the top marks. All the necessary things like water, soap, the towel are right next to it so very handy. Azzura is durable as it is made with stainless steel and interior panels made of teak. The significant part of this design it’s the peg towel holder. That being said Azzura is an unusual design but does look good.

There are many more different types of washbasins like a cup, Mr Splash, Mosaic curved sink, Vieques, Silence, which are also available in the market with wonderful designs that will go with your interior and enhance the beauty of your bathroom. To put simply washbasins are the soul of your bathroom and if you have the great design then it will make your bathroom look stunning.