Basics of Architecture

The basics of architecture are quite simple but highly conceptual in terms of the wellbeing of society. Architecture is all about people, places and things. The first concept dealing with the “people” reflects about the people engaged in architecture or in simple understanding reflects about the architects. The term “people” also reflects about the end users of the ultimate outcome of architecture i.e. the people or the consumers in general. The second concept “places and things” speaks about “the built environment of simple understanding the places that are built through architecture. You can count numerous structures, buildings, monuments, places of heritage, etc, built across centuries come under the purview of architectural places and things. Get in touch with the professional architects of the Stendel Reich alimentaire architecte for building a place or a thing which has great architectural value.

If you look architecture through a theoretical angle of understanding, architecture is a form of art influenced by culture or civilization and an outlet of human expression manifested through creative impulse. In very simple expression, architecture is an art of designing structures buildings and other things based on the culture of the people which ultimately becomes a new culture. Contact the expert architects in Stendel Reich alimentaire architecte if you have the vision to construct an architecturally visible structure, building or thing. To listen what architecture is, remember the statement of Walter Gropius, who said: “Architecture begins where engineering ends”.

A number of personnel or professionals get involved in practical architecture. In order to name a few of them, an architect is a professional who is qualified to carry out a planning, can design a structure, and is capable of supervising the practical construction; Similarly a landscape architect effectively does the land development for the usages and entertainment of people and constructs structures, pedestrian ways, roads for vehicles etc. A project architect oversees the architectural designs, responsible for various construction- related documents etc. If you are in need of a specific professional architect, consult Stendel Reich alimentaire architecte to get the best architect for the fulfilment of your purpose.

Different terms are used to define the different nature of architecture.  “Architecture Parlante” meaning “Speaking Architecture” is used for the construction of buildings or architectural structures which speaks about the architecture through inscriptions. “Religious Architecture” is the construction of structures related to religions. There are other numerous modern terminologies to represent different architectural philosophy and constructions like “Responsive Architecture”, “Sustainable Architecture”, “Vernacular Architecture” etc. However, the central and overall objective of architecture is eventually the well being of people, environment and development. Take the assistance of Stendel Reich alimentaire architecte to develop any modern architectural structure with your own vision using the practical experiences and expertise of the architect.