Sternon Group: Building Properties and Seizing Opportunities All Over the World

Capturing India: Tranquil Living at Scenic Heights

A paradise is being created right at your doorstep. Scenic Heights is the upcoming 1,000 crore real-estate development created by the renowned Sternon Group in Mumbai, India. Relax in this remarkably planned, generously spaced residence close to the Panvel International Airport and enjoy the picturesque views of lush greenery around you.

Wrapped around tranquil abundance, Scenic Heights is an oasis in the middle of a rising city. Imagine starting your day with the sight of nature and ending it in absolute serenity. This 100 acre premier estate is a unique concept that blends city living with countryside experience. With its striking location and luxurious amenities, Scenic Heights is a property that is built to impress.

Tastefully designed by the leading architects of US and Singapore, builders of mammoth global structures, Scenic Heights is a one-of-a-kind 21-storey glass tower furnished with all the latest facilities. Intricately constructed, Scenic Heights is sheathed with high-performance, temperature-controlled sequestered glass which gives it a look of a soaring skyscraper.

With unparalleled 360 degree views of the vicinity, Scenic Heights is the crème de la crème in the extraordinary city of Mumbai. Having spacious 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments that overlook the city, every detail has been carefully selected to fit the desires of the residents. Formed by quality crafted materials, Scenic Heights has been masterfully planned to stand the test of time.

The open floor plan embraces every corner of the apartment with sleek and stylish fixtures and offers an expansive space where there is plenty of room for work, leisure, rest and storage. With a stunning terrace overlooking the perfectly landscaped gardens, residents can relish their private space and enjoy gatherings with their family.

Possessing an international yet laid-back feel, Nature Heights offers a nature’s retreat in the midst of a growing city. Every apartment is generously-sized and furnished with exclusive amenities that features top of the line equipment, built-in appliances and custom fittings. One of the paramount highlights of Scenic Heights is their recreation club which includes:

    • Swimming pool
    • Jacuzzi
    • Steam
    • Sauna
    • Gym
    • Massage Room
    • Jogging Park
    • Cycling track
    • Table Tennis
    • Billiards table
    • Cyber cafe
    • Badminton/Tennis/Squash court
    • Private media room
    • Club rooms with flat screen tv
    • Other spacious social areas

Providing a pristine lifestyle of leisure and comfort, Scenic Heights holds top-class conveniences within its locale. Being walking distance from retail outlets and restaurants, residents feel at ease with the modern conveniences. With close proximity to the highway, Scenic Heights is a well-connected property that welcomes everyone to be part of this thriving community.

Capturing America: Securing Life with Fortune Star

Similarly, Fortune Star, the latest development of Sternon Group, possesses parallel accessibilities to Scenic Heights but offers more than just a home to its residents. Being one step ahead in the real-estate industry, Fortune Star by Group seizes the opportunity of being able to secure lives of its residents by providing them a home with a  green card.

Fortune Star is a 150 Million Dollar property being built near Disneyland in Orlando, Florida. Surrounded by delta views and lush greenery, Fortune Star is another paradise in the making. With numerous establishments around its belt, Fortune Star is an integral part of a budding tourist destination that expands in number and size every year.  According to Statistics, Disney World generates 18.2 Billion Dollars annually and accounts for 2.5 % of Florida’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Being an outstanding development in the city of Florida, the Fortune Star is a 3-tower property designed by the distinguished architectural firm, Scott & Cormia, who  are the builders of the famous City Center in Florida which is a 200 Million Dollar residential and commercial complex complete with restaurants and retail outlets. Adjacent to a number of attractions, Fortune Star gives the chance to be part of an exclusive community with world class amenities.

Having 250 apartments under its wing, Fortune Star offers 1 to 2 bedroom semi-furnished apartments with state-of-the-art living solutions to accommodate the everyday needs of its residents. Every phase showcases a spectacular sight of fireworks from Disneyland and breathtaking waterfront views which captures the senses of residents and visitors alike.

Providing a relaxing atmosphere with an opulent charm, Fortune Star extends a number of community perks with premium comforts. By smartly integrating an active lifestyle with a relaxed setting, Fortune Star ensures the well-being of its residents. With an ease of access to the highway and other areas, Fortune Star assures the connectivity of its property with other estates making it an integrated hub.

An attractive haven amidst the flourishing city of Florida, Fortune Star is a place of value where one can live in the present and invest for the future. With the annual Disney World visitors rising up to almost 10% every year, Fortune Star apartments are expected to yield high returns upon its conclusion. Being a development of the distinguished Sternon Group, Fortune Star is a development worth partaking in.

Seizing Opportunities: Creation of the Sternon Way

Fortune Star is a utopia ready for its big reveal. With its First Phase nearing its completion, Fortune Star together with the EB 5 investor program offers investment opportunity to only 40 investors for each phase. The 3 phase project provides permanent residency in the United States through a minimum investment of $ 500,000 which will guarantee the acquisition of a Green Card.

Sternon Group is the only global real-estate firm offering financial assistance to its investors. By devising the Sternon Way, Sternon Group has been creating headlines with its tie up with the EB 5 Investor program. Considering the distinct requirements of each investor, Sternon Group has formulated the Sternon Way which is a time-saving and cost-effective strategy that has simplified the overall process of procuring a property with a Green Card.

Unlike the traditional EB5 Investor program where one has to make sure that the total capital is present in the pocket to get a Green Card, Sternon Group offers an  alternative route in which part of the finances are covered and the Green Card is secured. The investor can acquire a property and a Green Card at the same time without worrying about the entire procedure.

By being part of the Sternon Way, Sternon Group will take care of each step with great efficiency.

Sternon Group believes in complete transparency and provides the investors with a comprehensive plan which will guide them in their venture owning a property with the acquisition of a Green Card. With a limited number of investors for each phase, Sternon Group invites everyone to seize the golden opportunity of living the American Dream.

Capturing the World: Believing in Sternon Group

Sternon Group is valued at more than 100 Million Dollars in the UAE market alone and its assets are continually increasing in number. With more than 27 years of experience, Sternon Group established its offices in USA, UK, UAE, Africa and India. Having the flair of creating high-end residential and commercial properties, Sternon Group is one of the most sought after real-estate pioneers in the world.

Mr. Hussaini Nalwalla, the owner of Sternon Group, not only possesses immense knowledge about real-estate but has completed his degree in Immigration Law. Though he is a non-practicing lawyer, he has combined his years of expertise in real estate with the latest techniques in immigration law. Being aware of the current trend in the industry, Mr. Hussaini smartly conceived the Sternon Way. Thus, the Fortune Star was born where with a property, a green card can also be obtained.

As a forerunner in the real-estate industry, Sternon Group is not only constructing the Fortune Star or Scenic Heights but other properties in different parts of the world. Captivating countries with its structures, Sternon Group has built exceptional properties in UAE, Mauritius, Australia together with India and USA. With its superior acumen for properties and diligence in law,  Sternon Group is way ahead from its contemporaries in the global market.

By completing projects in more than 40 countries worldwide, Sternon Group has not only created incomparable infrastructure but fervently contributed to the nation’s economic growth. Creating strong transnational networks, Sternon Group offers turnkey solutions in any part of the world. With its base continually expanding in both national and international regions, Sternon Group is one of the most steadfast real estate firms which creates investible global developments.

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