Worker’s Woe: How To Deal With Accidents In Construction


A humble and modest way of earning a living is by doing jobs related to construction. The payout isn’t as big as a doctor or a lawyer, but the work is totally rewarding. Nothing can beat the feeling when you see a big and tall structure you helped raise. With all the glamor and glory that comes with it, working in construction sites comes with risks and potentially life-threatening injuries.

Having said that, here are some common and outright bizarre injuries that happen in construction work sites. Also included, are ways to treat or prevent them.

Hammering a Thumb

Although a lot of people use nail guns, hammers are still in use today. Accidents occur when carpenters or workers strike carelessly and miss their aim. Swollen thumbs are the usual result of broken thumbs. In case this happens, apply ice to the swollen area and allow rest for tissues or possibly bones to heal.

Nails going through the hand or finger

Also, another common injury involving hammers and nails is when workers underestimate the depth of an object they are nailing together. In regular occurrences, a nail can just hit and inflict a small wound in an area. In much more severe cases, a pin can go right through a finger or a hand. Do not remove the nail and attempt to separate the injured person from the object. Immediately call emergency services and clean the wound in the meantime.

Small pieces of material fall into a worker’s mouth

Often considered to be one of the most bizarre construction site injuries, this sometimes happens to workers who break protocol. This accident often happens when someone is sleeping in an area where they shouldn’t be in the first place. Sometimes people sleep and open their mouth involuntarily, and foreign material can get inside. If this happens and the worker is choking, immediately do the Heimlich maneuver and call others for help.

Tiny pieces of scrap metal injures a worker’s eye while wearing PPE


PPE or Personal Protective Equipment is used entirely for protection in the construction area. Although considered a freak accident, sometimes these tiny pieces of scrap often shatter eyewear especially if it is old or due for replacement. If this happens, immediately flush the eye with running water to dislodge any foreign material inside the eye. Call for help immediately.

Accidentally sawing off a finger


Truly horrifying, this accident comes out from a Hollywood horror movie. In reality, it can happen and can inflict severe damage. Accidents of this nature, occur when a worker becomes distracted and cannot focus on a task. As a result, fingers often get cut off. When this happens, stopping the bleeding is the main priority. Afterward, try to recover the dismembered finger and place it inside a bag with ice to preserve it. Believe it or not, Doctors can sometimes salvage amputated fingers if possible.


Worst kind of accidents can sometimes happen in a construction site. In construction sites, safety is of the utmost priority. If mishaps do occur, it pays to be patient and calm about the situation to properly administer first aid. Contact emergency services even after administering first aid successfully.

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Michelle Myers is an aspiring nurse and likes to write about advances in the medical field. She often reads topics about surgery and trauma. In her free time, she plays the violin and tries out recipes she finds on the internet. Michelle is currently living in El Paso, Texas.