Tips for the decoration of a small apartment.

Home.A place where everyone spends  the most important time of the day.Time with his family,time with his self.We usually choose our shelter based or our needs.However,even if our home or apartment does not have the number of squares we would like, that does not mean that it can not become the house we always dreamed of living.

There are some small decoration secrets,tips and  fantasy ideas that will convert your little apartment into your own palace. Let’s see some of those.

Curtains in height

Make your space look bigger and above all, taller,simply by using  long curtains. If the lounge is small and mostly narrow and the curtains are hanging at the ceiling height,they will give the feeling of a much larger space. The basic requirement is that the ceiling is painted in a light color – if not completely white. The same principle of height follows all the decoration, from the libraries, to the chandelier and the work of art hung high.


Some small houses have ladders with unused space,below them.This space however does not have  not go untapped. You can place shelves or cupboards there for more storage space or even a simple but functional office with your laptop on it.

 small office

There is no reason to discount your everyday needs. The basic  thing in a small house is to leave no room untapped and that the Møbeldesign is functional. For example, the gap between two wardrobes  can be  transformed into office space with shelves.

Shelves in the kitchen

A basic trick to make the kitchen look bigger is to have everything in the light. Leave the cupboards and prefer shelves, at least for the storage area above the kitchen counter. Closed cabinets are necessary, but they make  the space looks much more smaller.The best place to be put is under the kitchen counter. 


If you want your space to look larger and bigger,mirrors are the safest solution. You can transform a whole wall into a mirror, in the living room or in the dining room. One more solution is docking mirrors on the ceiling,especially in the bedroom or in the bathroom.It will make the room look much more bigger than it actually is. If you prefer something more sophisticated, look for old mirrors in antique shops. Give a sense of greater space and luxury to a mansion by choosing a mirror with an elaborate photo frame.

Flexible furniture

In a small house, the space is very important and it is vital to make smart choices when we choose our  furniture. So the møbeldesign has to fit in these difficult conditions.The living room table should have  a metallic base and when it is lifted up, it can be transformed directly into a small dining room or even a bar. Stools are a smart choice because they are used both as a seat and as a table and they can be moved in any place in the house.The sofa should have a storage or a second bed space on the bottom of it and the living room should be painted in warm colors.We can also put a wallpaper in one of the walls  in order to give the place a tense.


 The main priority in a small home is no other than storage space. The best choice is the built-in libraries and shelves to take full advantage of the height. But if you do not have this, then you need to think smart.For example, the library should be place in the entrance aerea and you just gained a lot of space in your living room. If your house has a balcony,you can also put metallic,waterproof wardrobes there and put the things you frequently use.

Use height in the kitchen as well

Pots, ladles and pans need not occupy space in the kitchen cabinets. Make a nice metal construction on the kitchen ceiling and hang them there. You gain space, ergonomics, but also a rustic style for your kitchen.You can also remove the doors of the plates cabinets and your kitchen will look a little more bigger too.

Use smart colors

It is said that small houses have to be colored in  monochrome and even in open tones. Colors can be smartly used to fool the eye and make space look bigger. If you paint a wall of a room in a bright color, the space will automatically get deeper.

 Shelves in office role

When you and your partner need two offices but there is no room,there is also a smart solution to this problem.You put two wooden shelves on the wall and you easily convert them into offices. If you put them a little higher and instead of a classic office chair use a high stool then the space you that is required  is minimal.


Bedroom.If your bedroom is small you can also make the room look bigger.First of all the bed should be put next to the wall.It will make the place look more spacy.And what about the bedside tables?Even though  your bedroom is small, you do not have to deprive yourself of the convenience of a bedside table. A small shelf may well play this role.You can put 2 single shelves on each area and have your own space.


The lighting of a small house is really important too.You have to use bright lights in the main areas,such as the living room or the kitchen,while using some smart hidden lighting devices too.Hidden lighting is giving a mysterious sense.You can also put a mirror at the place the lighting leads,the reflection will make the place look  bigger.

Clean and neat house

Last but not least is that a small house should always be neat and clean.A neat house looks like a bigger house.So avoid placing things that you rarely use in areas you spend most of your time in order not to end up with a messy house.And don’t forget.A clean house seems to be a bigger and more comfortable house.