What to expect from a trustworthy long-distance mover? Find here!

Moving between cities for work or personal reasons isn’t the always easiest and smoothest thing. It can take months, or even years, to settle down, and taking everything along to a new place requires commendable consideration. If you have already taken the call, the next step is to plan things, first of which is to find a mover like Adfexpress.com. In this post, we take a call on what you can expect from a long-distance mover.

  1. A custom quote. Gone are days when movers charged a fixed price between cities, based on certain aspects. Now, it’s all about getting a custom quote. The right company will send their executives to check the volume of goods to be shifted, and after considering the distance, they will offer an estimate. The quote comes with no obligations, so if you don’t like the price, you don’t have to hire them.
  2. Information on insurance. Every long-distance mover should be licensed, registered and insured. The moving & packing business is one that involves considerable risk, both during transit and while handling goods. If a company is not insured, don’t work with them – period. Additionally, the best ones also offer additional transit insurance and other options, just in case you want extra cover.
  3. References on request. A company that has been in business for more than five years will always offer references to prospective clients. Call up a few to know the kind of experience they have had with the concerned mover. Another good idea is to check online on Google for unbiased customer reviews.
  4. Assistance with storage. While not all companies offer facility to store good temporarily, the better ones do. When you are moving to a new city, you may not have a home immediately, so the mover can keep the goods safely for the time requested and for a fixed pre-decided price.
  5. A competent team. Don’t be astonished to know that many long-distance movers don’t have a team of handlers and workers. Eventually, your goods will be taken, shifted, and offloaded by their workers, so you can expect the right company to have a competent, trained and professional team. In fact, many movers actually have an in-house training program for new handlers.

Check online now to find the best long-distance movers in your area, and as required, you can ask for a quote, with complete details of things included for the price.