What Separates a Cash Sale from a Conventional Sale

You might be asking what sets cash sale proposals apart from more conventional home selling strategies. You and the realtor decide on a price for the house as-is when you sell your property for cash. There won’t be any upkeep or repairs to worry about. Even while it might seem too good to be true, the process is actually quite straightforward, especially if you decide to work with We Buy Houses Columbia, MO.

Ultimately, the decision on which approach to use is yours. Your reasons for selling and what you need out of the sale are what matter most. Continue reading for assistance in making your decision.

Understanding Commission Payments

Closing charges, title transfer fees, and agent fees are frequently included in real estate transactions. These expenses will differ according to whether you select a conventional sale or a cash sale, as explained below.

A title company will transfer the title to the new owner of a house when it is sold in a conventional manner. Due to the need for bank financing, traditional sales are more challenging. Transfer taxes, a closing fee, and title insurance are all necessary. Additionally, you’ll be liable for paying the title company.

Even while transfer taxes and title insurance must still be paid in cash sales, the transaction is simpler because you are paying with cash. The only expenses you have to pay when selling your house to a real estate investment firm for cash are title insurance and transfer taxes.

What if the Home Needs Repairs?

Bids that are loan-financed must pass inspection in a conventional sale. Given that the person buying your property will have a bank loan, this makes sense. The buyer and the bank must have confidence in their respective investments.

If repairs are needed, you could negotiate to have them included, but you might also need to do them yourself.

Cash buyers buy the home “as is,” so at We Buy Houses Columbia, MO, they don’t need to have it inspected. Since there are no repairs necessary, you save additional money.

Stressing Over the Appraisal

In a typical home sale, the buyer’s lender needs an appraisal to confirm the value of the property. Usually, this doesn’t cause any issues, but occasionally, the appraisal could cause some worry.

In the event that the lender’s evaluation is less favorable than the buyers’ offer, they will ask for a concession or price cut. Without a price reduction, they won’t be able to finance your house, and they might decide to back out of the deal.

Cash sales do not, however, include bank transactions. For us to buy your house, bank financing is not necessary. There is no requirement for paperwork or an assessment.


Cash transactions result in time, charge, and repair cost savings. In addition to the advantages listed above, you can often close the acquisition far quicker than with a standard sale. We Buy Houses Columbia, MO is the company to contact if you’ve been searching for “sell my house fast for cash in Columbia, MO.” Since 1989, we have been able to hold many, and we cordially invite you to join them.

Go here to get in touch with a member of our team who can help you if you’re still unsure of your best course of action. We would be happy to discuss your choices with you. We want you to choose what’s right for you in the end.