What Are My Options for Heating My Home?

When winter hits, it may be devastating. Even in Alabama, where temperatures are seldom excessively chilly, a sudden decrease may be terrifying. That is why you and your family must have access to heating sources. Fortunately, there are several sources from which to select.

While you read, you can learn about the various resources available to you. All offer advantages, but some may be better suited to a certain sort of dwelling. If you still need help deciding what’s best for you, contact Chad’s AC Direct for heating services in Montgomery. They may install and provide yearly maintenance on any of the systems listed.


This is the most frequent type of home heating. Furnaces, which are powered by resources such as gas, oil, and electricity, burn fuel in a chamber that resembles an oven. This heat is then circulated throughout the house via a ventilation system. Most systems allow you to select the desired temperature easily.

It’s no surprise that furnaces are so popular among homeowners because they can quickly heat your entire home. You can also obtain guidance picking the most energy-efficient models available from contractors like Chad’s AC Direct anytime you decide to install one.

Heat Exchangers

This option may be less prevalent than its competitors. Heat pumps work by capturing ambient heat from the air or ground outside of a structure and then using this trapped heat within the home or business. Heat pumps collect heat in the winter and remove it from within the structure to cool it down in the summer.

If you want to avoid using a furnace, this is the best solution. Since heat pumps utilize the same technology for heating and cooling, they save energy and money. Heat pumps extract heat from the outside air or ground and transfer it within. This extracted heat is used to heat your home while using less energy than a standard furnace. Another advantage of heat pumps is that you may be eligible for government subsidies for selecting such an energy-efficient appliance!

Geothermal Energy Systems

Geothermal units are another energy-efficient option that has grown in favor. These systems, like heat pumps, may be used for both heating and cooling. They, on the other hand, interchange temperature with the earth’s inherent heat. This implies you’d be using a renewable resource to keep your house warm!

Individuals who utilize these gadgets can save up to 70% on their monthly energy expenditures. Even if the temperature outside changes, geothermal technology ensures constancy within. Because it is still a relatively new form of heating, not all technicians operate on these devices. That is why Chad’s AC Direct is the best option when you want assistance.

Obtaining Assistance in Making a Decision

While each of these solutions has a distinct benefit over the others, you may still need clarification on which is ideal for you. Chad’s AC Direct is here to assist you. They can come inside your home and ask you questions about what you presently use for heating and how well it works for you.

Chad’s AC Direct has been assisting consumers in Montgomery, AL, with HVAC unit installations and maintenance since 1993. Because no two houses demand the same level of care, their professionals can quickly determine if one type of heating unit is superior to another.

They are all about saving you money and giving you happiness; therefore, whatever service you receive will be tailored to you. Even though other firms believe they can make more money by giving unneeded services, Chad’s AC Direct only provides what is essential.

Each system that they assist you in installing comes with a 10-year warranty. This may save you hundreds of dollars over time, in addition to offering the greatest brands currently available!

There are several ways to remain warm throughout the cold. Nevertheless, when it comes to installation services, there is just one clear choice: Chad’s AC Direct. Contact them today for a free quote on your installation project!