Do you feel like you could use a little more kitchen storage?

Even if you have a somewhat large kitchen you may find the need to increase your storage. It might not have anything to do with needing more room for “good China” or for the extra dinnerware you keep around for dinner parties.  Sometimes a kitchen is just not built to accommodate everyone.

And if you have, in fact, come to find that you are in a situation like this, perhaps one of these efficient ideas could help you.


Every kitchen has one: the Utensil Drawer. This is the [often messy and cluttered] drawer filled with everything from wooden spoons to ladles to can openers. Perhaps your kitchen has a counter top utensil holder; you still probably have a utensil drawer; and that utensil drawer is still probably a big mess.  Image result for Do you feel like you could use a little more kitchen storage?

So what is the solution?  Combine the utensil holder with the utensil drawer so you have a larger—and probably deeper—drawer that contains the utensil holder. This allows you to categorize your utensils for easier access.


Similar to the counter top utensil holder, many people just leave major appliances out, on the counter top.  Some people, perhaps, store their appliances until they need them.  Obviously, both of these options can be inefficient: one clutters your counter space and the other forces you to have to take out and put away things every time you want to use them.

So what is the solution?  Build a cove into the wall that has a counter extension.  This way you can basically slide the appliances into their “garage” when you don’t need them.  Consider a swiveled or hinged door to close off the area.


In just about every kitchen there is at least one corner where the counter meets. There will also undoubtedly be cabinets and drawers that meet beneath that counter.  Well, instead of leaving that cabinet—which is usually very deep and hard to use effectively—consider transforming it into a drawer that pulls out in a straight line.  This drawer actually runs diagonally into the corner, allowing you to store more items deeper into the space, but in a more convenient way.


Finally, let’s look at what is probably the most costly upgrade: a customized pantry.  At the same time, though, this may be the smartest investment.  By installing vertical shelves, for example, or a deep cabinet organizer, you can nearly double the space available in your panty.