Using Social Media to Attract Buyers

We all know nowadays, more people are using social media for everything. Especially when it comes to real estate and agents using their platforms to attract buyers. The number one platform being Facebook, where friends and family connect more each day. Realtors can use Facebook to attract clients. Never use your personal account though. You’ll need to create a Facebook fan page if you already haven’t. One of the main reasons to have a Facebook page is so you can look at your Insights and engaging with your followers by hosting contests to see what they would like best about a certain house or certain part of the neighborhood, and just really representing your brand and your business. Also engage by posting and sharing about the neighborhood, share photos of the beautiful places that surround the city or even out in the country or suburbs. Also don’t forget to share photos when you update, that way people can see and know what’s around them when and if they would move to that area. Whenever you do make that potential sale, show them that you care, by subtly announcing their new home, without having to mention any names.

The more you do this, the more likes and shares you’ll get, attracting more likes to your page, and possibly potential sales and buyers. Yes, you can also post your listings to your page, linked from your website. The Facebook rule of thumb is 80/20. 80% is to post about lifestyles, customer interests, and other updates, while the 20% is posting about you and your content, your business, and your brand. It keeps your social media socially outgoing, while also engaging as well. When you post your listing, describe the home as if you are talking to your sellers in person. Post the address, tell how many bedrooms and baths there are, and other key elements that will sell, but also learn to engage with the posts as well. It’s okay to have a little fun while talking business with potential buyers. Also ask questions. Ask them what they like about the house, the surrounding neighborhood, to get comments and taking their comments into consideration. Also don’t forget to post when you have open houses also.

You can also promote your page and listings and certain posts, and target them in certain specific areas or age groups, to get them seen by other people who are on Facebook in your geographic target area. You can also use other social media platforms like, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and even YouTube to promote your business and engage with other followers socially while also implementing your business and potentially making a sale for people who want to buy.  Propertysolutionhuahin is a perfect example of successful marketing.

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