Top 15 Techniques to Build a Green Home

Environment is constantlychanging, and it is indispensable to be aware of it. A green home is one such environmental concept that is in the air right now. Interestingly, when you build a green home, you end up saving a lotand saving the planet at the same time.

  • The positive atmosphere
  • The transformation from an emission-producing powerhouse to a greenhouse
  • Energy saving

The above-mentioned are some of the benefits of building a green home and residing in it. So, if you are buckled up to go green, here are 15 amazing techniques for you.


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Perhaps the simplest and most known technique to turn the surrounding of your home green is to plant trees around it. Though it is the easiest method, people tend to avoid it for they believe it takes efforts and time. However, planting a tree is not at all time consuming, and it is one of the most affordable ways to build a green home. It is advised to plant trees on the southern and western side of your place.

Afforestation helps with:

  • Minimizing Soil Erosion
  • Stabilizing the Climate around your Home
  • Boosting up the Oxygen Content
  • Avoiding Desertification

Intelligent Landscaping

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When you go with shady landscaping for your home, it protects it from direct sunlight during summer and allows more sunlight into your home during winter, thus, keeping it warm.

Fixtures That Save Water

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There are faucets which have low flow of water. Apart from faucets, there are specific

  • Showerheads
  • Toilet
  • Flush System
  • Garden Taps

The specific types of the above mentioned fixtures havea low eject of water. Go for them and witness a significant dip in your water bill. Also, invest in a washing machine and dishwasher that consume less energy and water and offer quality cleaning of your clothes and utensils.

Rainwater Harvesting

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Collection and utilization of rainwater are the most efficient way to save water. Make sure to build a rainwater harvesting provision while building your green home. The rainwater can be stored in a tank and can be further used for various other purposes such as

  • Flushing the toilet,
  • Sprinkling in the garden
  • Washing Purpose

Tankless Water Heater System

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There is a coil inside a tankless water heater that heats the water. It heats only that much water that is needed. Thus, saving extra energy cost and saving space that a large hot water tankwould require.

Go for CFL and LED Bulbs

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Ditch the conventional incandescent bulbs and go with CFL bulbs or LED lightings. These are also called eco-friendly lighting because:

  • They last for a very long time
  • They are bright
  • They consume very less energy


Solar Panel: A must for your Green Home

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While many consider the purchasing and installation of solar panel costly, there is a need to look at the long-term benefits of the same. When you go solar:

  • You no more pay your electricity bills
  • It offers environmentally friendly and clean source of energy
  • Installing solar panels at home helps in combatting greenhouse gas emissions

Energy Star Appliances

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There are oodles of electronic companies that have now begin offering appliances with energy star ratings on them. When you make a purchase of electronicappliances, make sure to check the star ratings. The morestars, the more efficient that electronicappliance would be.

Energy Star Windows

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Well, the last point would have flourished you with the knowledge of energy star appliances if you weren’t aware of the same previously. However, if the concept of energy star windows is something new to you, then here’s what you need to know about them.

If your windows are not efficient, it affects your home in two major ways:

  • You lose heat during winter
  • You lose cool air during summer, and your place doesn’t say cool anymore

So, if you wish to have energy efficient windows at your green home, consider replacing you older windows or double panel windows or vinyl frame windows with asingle panel or aluminum frame windows. Or if you believe that these methods will disturb your budget, then here are two more alternatives:

  • Consider tinting your windows
  • Keep the blinds of your windows open

Go With Building Materials That Are Sustainable

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If you are all set to go green for your nest, then ensure that you use eco-friendly products. Be it a small home or a large building, making any structure with environmentally friendly material reduces constructing impact on the environment.

Some of the places where you can use sustainable construction materials are:

  • Roofing
  • Cabinets
  • Counters
  • Insulation

Some of the eco-friendly products are:

  • Recycled Glass and Plastic
  • Reclaimed Lumber
  • Bamboo
  • Cork
  • Other renewable products

Follow the 3 R Rule

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Make these 3Rs the crux of your green home. They are Recycle, Reduce and Reuse.

  • Reduce:Reduce the purchase of products that are not eco-friendly.
  • Reuse: Wooden floors, doors, etc. do not degrade. Reuse them in your new home.
  • Recycle: Recycle glass, plastic, aluminum, reclaimed lumber, etc. and use them as construction materials

Balance Your Insulation

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Insulation i.e. heating or cooling the aura of your place consumes almost half of home’s energy. Thus, keeping improper insulation at bay should be your apex priority. This canbe done by checking the air leaks which occur mostly:

  • Around Windows
  • Under the Doors
  • Through crack or holes in the Duct Work

Get the leaks repaired or fix them on your own to save a lot of moneyon energy.

Small Size Matters As Well

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A smaller home built with the help of environmentally friendly techniques will have aless environmental impact as against a large home. Do not add unnecessary rooms to your place. The whole concept of an eco-friendly home is to keep the place

  • Manageable
  • Cost-Effective
  • Comfortable for the residents

Strategic Location

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A green home is not merely about using energy efficient appliances and techniques or using recycled components in the building material. The location of the home also plays an imperative role in deciding the impact of your place on the environment.

Keep in mind the following while constructing an eco-friendly place:

  • Avoid building a westerly direction facing green home. As it minimizes sun exposure, it keeps your placecool.
  • If the area has been marked vulnerable to earthquakes, flood, hurricanes, or any other natural calamities, avoid building your place there
  • Check whether or not the location has all the basic necessities and facilities such as availability of public commutation facilities, grocery shops, medical institutions, etc.

Go For Energy Auditing

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It is essential to know whether or not your efforts in the green homes have yielded any result or you are heading in the wrong direction. In order toknow that, make sure to go for energy auditing of your house.

There are certain energy auditing companies as well as individual energy auditors who offer the service. These entities are equipped with specialized tools, techniques, and know-how to undertake the efficient energy evaluation of your home.

Energy auditing helps in:

  • Keeping an eye on the efforts towards building an eco-friendly home
  • Adding or subtracting techniques and tools that are useful or useless towards making the home energy efficient
  • Improving in terms of making a sustainable home
  • It helps to figure out which part of the home needs immediate

Go For a Green Lifestyle

Today, people strive to save energy for they are in a complete favor of protecting the environment as well as saving the cost. In their same endeavor to save theenvironment, green home is one of the biggest assets.

It now depends on the people that whether or not they can leverage the potential of this green concept. People are now more aware of the environment and ready to shoulder the responsibility of saving ‘Mother Earth.’


Looking forward to building a green home? These top 15 techniques to build an eco-friendly place to live are sure to lend a helping hand. Check them out!