Proper Leveling is an important step for pleasant yard

Homeowners level their yards for many different reasons. Some of the people level their ground before making a new home. Even some of the people level ground to prepare for new swimming pool or before planting vegetables, grass, trees, flowers and fruits. Leveling a yard is much important for your home maintenance. Yard leveling is well known as Landscape grading. If you want to grow grass, the ground needs plenty of nutrients. It is recommended that before putting a new lawn you should level the ground.  

Process of leveling ground

  • Mark off your area to level, no matter whether it is a perfect square, rectangle or irregular in shape. Remove all the plastic and wooden materials from the area that is needed to be leveled.
  • Attach the string to stretch between the poles, a few inches above the ground. Tie up the string level to touch to the highest point.
  • Adjust your string with the help of tape, balance your string unless you know how much length is needed to add or take away over the area you are adjusting.
  • If you want to level a small area perhaps you will not need to detach the grass. But, if you have a large area and you want to level it, pulling grass is much easier.
  • Tamp or push the soil if you are leveling a small area. You can tamp soil by using your foot. If you are leveling a large ground area you have to get a plate contactor or a tamper to compact the soil.   
  • Enough time should be allowed for settling the soil. It generally takes at least 48 hours. Spray the area with sufficient water, if the ground does not get rainfall.
  • After leveling the yard, your ground will absorb much water and give your lawn the nutrients they need to survive.