Things To Do In Union Square San Francisco

Travelling is a perk that you can’t describe in words. Some people travel for business activities, whereas others travel for fun. No matter the reason, travel lets get rid of your daily chores and refreshes your life. This is why people love to visit various places of interest. If you visit San Francisco, United States, don’t miss Union Square. The place is filled with historical monuments and modern amenities. The truth is Union Square San Francisco is on the watch-list of tourists of all levels. Let’s find out what makes this place so special and what you can do here.

What to do in Union Square San Francisco?

Most people visit Union Square when they visit San Francisco. However, they fail to make the most out of their trips. Later they realize that they made a big mistake. Do you wish to miss out on important attractions and leisurely activities like others? Your most likely answer will be no. So, why not come prepared to this lovely place? Here are the top things that you can do at Union Square.


Union Square San Francisco has an array of shops. Big brands such as Tory Burch, Apple, and Tiffany’s list their products at outlets in the region. You’ll also find three major department stores – Neiman Marcus, Saks, and Macy’s at Union Square. So, why not tap the potency of these stores to buy items you love? As well as booking top-quality products, you’ll enjoy a one-of-a-kind shopping experience.

Cherish a delicious meal

After covering a long distance at various shopping venues, you may get tired. Also, you’d like to eat something. So, why not try the lip-licking delicacies? Union Square has numerous popular restaurants such as this bar restaurant in San Francisco. You’ll also find outdoor cafes in the region to soak up the sunshine. The choices are virtually limitless. It’s up to you where you’d like to taste the varied dishes. No matter your choice, you’ll surely applaud yourself for enjoying a meal here.

Catch a show

Do you love concerts and theatre shows? If so, you’ll be happy to visit Union Square. You can book a show at the Geary Theatre. The theatre’s historic interior is stunning and will take you to a new world. Popular artists such as Clark Gable and Mae West have performed here. Check the schedule for plays and musicals to book a slot.

Book a hotel stay

Union Square is a busy area. Also, the spending power of the locals is high. Filled with markets and historic monuments, the region receives constant traffic from tourists all over the world. So, hundreds of hotels have sprung up to provide accommodation to tourists. Popular names include the Grand Hyatt and the Marriott. Check a couple of hotels and book your accommodation in view of your visit.

Bottom line

Union Square San Francisco is a popular destination among local and foreign tourists. The region offers a ton of attractions and lets you carry out various chores. Just ensure you check the varied attractions and shopping markets here. If you plan properly, you’ll enjoy the memorable trip you ever wanted.