The sovereignty of religious candle

Every color of the candle has different spiritual energies. From the time immemorial, candles have been used for different purposes and reasons like for practical reasons, decorative reasons, ceremonial and religious reason. Candles give aesthetic feel because of its aura and divine light. Candles have a great power in transforming situation as it creates an atmosphere of energetic support. If you use a candle to burn another candle, the light of original candle doesn’t diminish. In fact, the two candles now give brighter light. In the same way, the supply of light in your soul is endless. Neither the soul runs out nor will your goodness.

Candle colors and their meaning offers the plethora of candles of different color and scents. These candles help in attracting energies through the principal of sympathetic magic.

  1.    Yellow candle: Yellow is the color of the sun. It is associated with the power of the mind. Burn the yellow candle to excel is education, job and to enhance communication in the relationship. Yellow color candles also help in bringing focus and new idea.
  2.    Red candle: Red is the color of sex, love, and power. A red candle will give you these energies and helps in spell work that requires fierce power. Generally, the red candle is burnt after black candle. Black candle will eliminate negative energy and red candle will bring fresh positive energy
  3.    Green candle: Green symbolizes growth in every aspect of life. Green is used for prosperity, health and benevolence nature. Generally, the green candle is used for luck drawing spells.
  4.    Blue candle: Blue is associated with water. Lighting blue color candle will help in bringing peace, and awakening and healing the psychic mind. Blue candle is used in spell involving emotional healing truth and justice.  

Never leave the spiritual candles unattended and always burn it on the tray or any substance that is non-inflammable. Light up the candles when you are not busy. Vacations, weekends, holidays are the best time to exercise with candles.