The Right Questions to Ask When Negotiating with your Architect

When starting a construction project, you must procure a well-grounded architect’s services. The role of an architect is essential to every plan since they take ideas and suggestions from the owners and convert these into a design tailored to their client’s wants. While you may be excited to begin your sustainable architecture home project, you might want to think about negotiating with your architect.

Why do I Need to Negotiate with my Architect?

Having control over your construction project’s expenses can save you from stress. Often, an architect may go overboard with the planning process, and if you’re not asking the right questions, you might end up paying them additional fees beyond your initial budget. Maybe the architect might not even share the same vision as you do.

Negotiations ensure you and your architect have a formal agreement with the requirements and expectations for the project. A negotiation carried out well can help establish a healthy working relationship, allows you to understand potential risks, and identify the ins and outs you might otherwise not notice.

What Questions Should I Ask my Architect?

So, how do you get the best for your project requirement? Consider discussing the following when initiating a contractor negotiation.

Will you be Hiring Them for the Entire Project?

You may hire your architect or design consultant for partial services instead of the whole construction project. Since most projects are divided into several stages, you can assign them only for specific steps. This could fit your budget better and help you save on costs.

Will They Structure Their Fees Differently?

Fees may vary depending on your expectations and how you outlined the required work and details. These may be a single upfront payment, higher hourly costs, or priced and approved as you go. The process of estimating variation fees may take some time and may change if you decide to make some adjustments.

Stay Aware of the Decisions you Made

Remember that any plans you have in mind and want to implement will increase your costs since they could lead to more decisions. For example, if you opt for higher ceilings, your architect may have to consider more lighting, scaffolding, and other fixtures to ensure better output. You can ask them about any ramifications for every direction you choose, so you can properly set expectations and get educated.

What are your Expectations?

Part of your negotiation with your architect is setting clear and open communication. You’ll want to inform them of what you intend for this project and listen to the advice they will give you. This part of the discussion can also allow you to see if they are starting to go over the budget.

Stay Involved

Cost estimating during the design stages depends on prices per meter squared. Make sure you understand how much work is involved in every process, and act as a partner to your architect.

Practice Accountability

Finally, you must understand that much of the costs involved in designing your project are based on your decisions. Always remember to establish a strong working relationship with your architect, stay vigilant of the risks, and know how to navigate your way through the process.

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