Know about the different types of kitchen cabinet materials

The kitchen is the powerhouse of a house. It is the place where people gather, make hideous cooking blunders, and have orgasmic food prepared by their loved ones. Who will not want their kitchens to be beautiful and convenient? No matter what you are spending for your house, keep an extra budget for your kitchen. Armoires En Gros Kitchen Cabinets elaborated on the different kinds of material used for kitchen cabinets. 

Natural Wood 

You can make your kitchen from natural wood like teak, oak, or rosewood. Pair them with traditional decorations and you will find royalty at the center of your house. However, natural wood if subjected to high heat and water tends to get ruined. Wood also has a tendency to get infested by termites. The two problems that are mentioned can be taken care of. Use chemicals to get rid of the pests and install weather control systems in your house to keep the wood safe.


Plywood is wood engineered in a modern way. It is a cheaper alternative to wood. If you are opting for plywood, ensure that you use one that is moisture-resistant. There is another option, that is, boiling water resistance, which is also weather-proof. If you are receding in a place that is hot and humid, choose plywood as it is affordable and durable.

HDHMR Boards 

HDHMR or high-density High Moisture resistant boards are made with agricultural waste, fiber chips, etc., it is an eco-friendly option to choose from. They are resistant to the three main threats- termites, moisture, and temperature. They are very pretty-looking pice and will attract eyes.


Fiberboards are engineered with raisin, wood particles, wax, and recycled fiber. They have two variants- high density and medium density. Brands like IKEA use medium-density products. They are environmentally friendly and affordable. 


These boards are made with wood chips and adhesives. They have quite a drawback- they are not moisture resistant and they can not handle heavy weight. But they are quite affordable.


If you have an eye for the future, then metal kitchen cabinets can be your answer. They are made with stainless steel or aluminum. They are very durable and heavy-duty. They are also very expensive.

Hopefully, these options will give you an insight, making it easier to choose the best option.