Takedown the guidelines to work with PVC pipe

PVC pipe has made an advanced improvement in the plumbing filed. It is used instead of cast iron and galvanized pipes. It is gaining its popularity for lightweight and easy to work. It is also available in many different sizes. The fitting related materials are also readily available at plumbing and hardware stores. If you are searching for the content which is relatable to the PVC pipes installments and fittings, then you are on the correct page. Make use of this article to know how to work on the PVC pipe.

Plumbing PVC pipes

There are several types of plumbing pipes that are available in the market for residential and commercial works. But the PVC pipe is popular among those types of pipes; this is because the pipes are easy to cut and the pipe joint is also an easy process. In the olden days, the drain and vent pipes are used. Mostly these pipes are made up of cast- iron. Rusting is a common term that can be seen on the iron pipes but the PVC is overcoming these disadvantages. 

How to fit PVC Pipes?

The pipe joint process is done easier than the old fitting process. The pipes can be fitted even with the convenient union, tees, and other fittings. The pipe fittings can be done with the help of Solvent-cement glue. The glue will melt in the top layer of plastic on pipes and it can be fitted. This will finally result in the formation of air-tight and watertight joints.

How to measure PVC pipes?

The measurement should be made from the two adjoining joints. The measurements should take from the bottom of the hub on adjoining joints. This measurement will ensure that the pipe is butted into the bottom and maximizing the surfaces between the cement and seal. The measurement should be marked with the help of a permanent marker.

How to cut PVC pipe?

The cutting of Pipe can be done with any kind of saw. The most common saws that are used for the cutting of pipes are a miter saw, reciprocating saw and hacksaw. Make sure that the cutting should be done in a straight manner for the proper fitting. The PVC cutter tool called hand-held ratcheting is also available.

How to clean the Burs? 

While cutting the pipes, in the end, it may have burrs and flakes. Care must be taken for removal of those burrs and flakes. If these burrs and flakes are removed, then it will make a clear mating surface for pipe fittings. The burrs can be removed by hand and using the edge of the knife.

How to level the pipe fittings?

The leveling should be done for the proper working function of the PVC pipe. This leveling can be achieved with the help of torpedo. This will make sure that the fitting is done in a straight manner and level the pipe fitting.

Last few words

The above- mentioned things will tell about how to work with the PVC pipes. In addition to these points, there are so many things that should be considered for the proper working of PVC pipes.