Some advice for choosing thermal solar panels

Environmental sustainability and reduction of fossil fuels in favor of renewables reduction of polluting emissions are now an obligation for the protection of the planet that is confirmed globally by international regulations and agreements. Among the renewable sources that can help the transformation towards a sustainable and green energy system are solar thermal systems. And who knows it better than the Grapevine solar PV installer professionals. This is a renewable system that ensures reduced costs in the bill, energy savings, emissions reduction and last but not least increases the value of your home.

Solar energy technology on modern days

Considering that on average everyday people consume 30 to 50 liters of water. The solar thermal allows significantly reducing the use of the boiler or avoiding its use for long periods from 6 to 8 months a year depending on the climate zone guaranteeing advantages for the environment and representing a real investment in energy efficiency. The components of the solar panel are 3. They are the sunlight absorber consisting of aluminum or copper sheet on which the material used to absorb energy is deposited, a sheet of transparent glass and an aluminum frame that serves to contain the material of which the panel is made.

This heat heats the water in the boiler and will be used for sanitary water and possibly also for heating. The systems can be natural circulation that is closed circuit mono-blocks that do not need any pump. It formed by a solar collector exposed to the sun inside which the water is heated and convection salt towards the tank that is at the top and from there he has access to the internal circuit of the house. The forced circulation systems have a separate panel from the tank which many times are mounted in the attic or in the boiler room and the primary circuit of the liquid is pushed by a pump.

In one word

The capturing surface consists of Vanadium dioxide which with its particular molecular structure modulates the amount of energy transmitted or reflected as a function of the temperature reached and therefore the consumption of the user. The solar thermal replaces the gas fired boilers and the electric water heaters and uses the energy of the sun mainly for the production of domestic hot water but the system can be connected to the boiler for the winter heating of your home.

Conclusion: the model of solar thermal panel

With the help of a short guide for choosing the solar thermal panel that best suits your needs. It is clear that when choosing a solar thermal system it is good to rely on the advice of qualified technicians able to correctly size the system, considering the characteristics of the house, the climatic zone, the orientation and the inclination of the roof but also the number of people living in the same house.