Simple Tips to Help You Plan Your Exhibition

Exhibitions are great opportunities to show off what you’ve got, probably your skill, your brand or your services. Such events offer you the platform to convince everyone about your business in the best possible way you can. It’s an opportunity to get the attention of leads as well as qualified clients. However, the question that most people ask is ‘how to plan an exhibition that will match best matches your set objectives’.

#1: Set your objectives

Well, what you need to do first is to identify your set objectives. This will vary depending on the kind of exhibition you plan to organize. The next thing after identifying your objective is to refer to them at each stage of your planning process. This will help you to ensure that your plans are in line with your objective.

#2: Calculate A Budget & Profit Benchmark

It is important to understand that how you utilize your available funds goes a long way in determining the success of any type of event. You need to calculate your budget and make a profit benchmark. Ensure that you stick to the budget.

Let’s look at those things that can consume your budget thus;

  • Marketing
  • Venue
  • Special Guests
  • Décor & Technology and Furniture
  • Food & Drink
  • Staff & Hospitality
  • Logistics

It is also important to consider the following while planning an exhibition;

  • Exhibitors Arrival and departure times
  • The setting up and dismantling of stalls
  • Organizing hand-outs and lanyards
  • Where and when you need equipment
  • Pre and post-production
  • Overall time management
  • Organizing networking events

#3: Getting People to Attend an Exhibition

You’re expecting a pool of attendees for your exhibition, right? All you need to achieve this is a clever marketing strategy. So, you need to allocate a good amount of budget to it. You can do this online, as prints, Emails, social media, advertorials, and conventional advertising.

#4: Generating a Profit from Exhibitions

You can utilize your exhibition as a great opportunity to generate profit, especially when you’re going to offer your attendees a high-quality content. You need to ensure that your exhibition is around topics relevant to your attendees and of course, they will be willing to pay for it. Again, some people will also utilize your exhibition as an opportunity to showcase their products and will be willing to pay.

#5: Get Sponsors and Exhibitors to Attend

It is important to convince your sponsors and exhibitors that qualified leads will be attending the exhibition. This way, they are able to give their money. You can also appeal to prospective customers by setting up visuals such as stall plots of different sizes. You can check art galleries like for help.