Way to measure curtains

Buying online lists curtains does not have to be a real task. While it is armed with all the right information before starting your search for the pair of perfect curtains, it could not be simpler. To make sure you buy curtains that will adjust when you hang them, here is a how-to guide to make sure you get the perfect measurement.

First, there are three types of curtains:

  • Tab top
  • Eyelet
  • Pencil pleat

When you buy your online ready curtains, here we show you how to do it …

First, you must make sure your curtain post or track before taking your measures. Your track or post should be larger than your window at approximately 15-20 cm on each side of the window. This is to allow the space for their curtains to hang when they are open so that they do not obstruct any light from the window. Also, be sure to hang the curtain post or track about 15 cm above your window. This will help maintain as much light as possible when the curtains are drawn.

  • Width

To guarantee precise measurements, it is a good idea to use a metal or wood rule to obtain a perfect reading. Using the rule of your meter, measure the full length of the track or the post of your curtain. You do not need to measure the finishes, but you must take into account the length of your track if you overlap at the midpoint (where the curtains were closed).

  • Length

If you are buying curtains ready for the top or to the buttonhole made online, then measure the drop of your curtain from the top of the curtain post. This is to make sure the curtain is not short at the bottom. For pencil fold curtains, take the measurement from the bottom of the small curtain ring if you are using a curtain pole. If you are using the track, measure from the top of the track to make sure you are covered by a curtain.

Measure up to 1 cm on the window to obtain curtains that feel at this point, or up to their ideal length if their curtains will sit down the window. For the curtains to the floor, measure up to 1 cm on the floor to guarantee a good clean finish.

Finally, you must take into account how gathered you want the curtains lists you are buying online to see. If, for example, you are buying a folding curtain with a pencil with a standard width of 168 cm, and hang it on a post with a length of 150 cm – 210 cm, it will have a complete appearance. Cut it in a longer length post and the meeting will be less full and much flatter. This is the same for the curtains of the upper part and the eyelet of the eyelashes.