Products Sold At National Lock Supply

The first step in creating a safe environment is installing adequate locks. There are so many options available nowadays that you may need some guidance in making a decision. Hardware stores are one option, although they often only have a limited variety of locks. When it comes to locks, you can now turn to National Lock Supply for anything. Whether you need locks for a house or a business, we have you covered with anything from standard lever locks to high-tech keypad systems.


Considering that our company name contains the term “lock,” you may assume that we provide this security product. Since various types of buildings need varying degrees of security, we provide a range of options.

In order to meet the varying needs of businesses and storage facilities, we have a wider variety of commercial locks. These locks include, but are not limited to, cylindrical levers and knobs, mortise locks, and push-pull latches.

We typically supply lever-type locks for your home. The levers are more harder to tamper with as they are positioned inside the escutcheon plate. The locking mechanism itself is guarded by a set of pins for further security.

Accessories For Closing Doors

Commonly used on doors that are somewhat heavy, door closers help you close the door without lifting a finger. The door is attached to the closer by means of an arm, which in turn is connected to the door frame. The force and velocity with which a door is closed can be adjusted with the help of a door closer. Door closers help avoid damage to doors and injuries caused by slamming them shut too rapidly or with too much force by managing these factors. And some people even use them on their gates in addition to regular doors!

A Means Of Egress

In the event of a crisis, it is critical to be able to evacuate a building rapidly and smoothly. This means that exit hardware is always present in every building that the general public frequents. Push bars and panic bars are examples of exit gear that can be installed on exit doors to facilitate their rapid opening in an emergency. National Lock Supply sells both lever and push bar varieties.

Mechanical Keypad Locks

Any lock may be made more secure with the addition of a keypad or push-button mechanism. These gadgets work by requiring the user to input a code before gaining access to a restricted area. These locks are among the most reliable available, making them a great investment for businesses who often carry numerous high-value objects or papers.

You Should Choose National Lock Supply Because…

There are so many different possibilities that you may get all you need in a single shopping trip. You can shop around till you find what you’re searching for. Along with that, we stock some of the most recognizable names in the business’s top brands. Furthermore, we do not make you wait weeks for your order; instead, we ship all of our products the day they are purchased. Especially considering our low rates, picking us is an easy decision.

We work hard to ensure that you have access to the supplies you need to keep your facility secure. No matter if it’s your home or not, it makes no difference. Your possessions are priceless. Proactively invest in the safety of its essentials by shopping for locking mechanisms at National Lock Supply.