The Most Desirable Property Features According To Estate Agents

The housing market is constantly under scrutiny and most closely by those who work regularly with the purchase and sale of homes: estate agents. Having industry insight, as well as the all-important customer-facing role, estate agents are uniquely positioned to understand the importance of various property trends, being able to recognise which property features are most likely to aid a sale.

To show you how, and drawing from the expertise of leading estate agents, we’re sharing the most desirable property features of the year.

Efficient Insulation

Above most others, insulation was by far the most widely shared feature that makes a property appealing to the market. Efficient insulation ensures that a property retains heat inside, keeping residents warm even as the temperatures dramatically drop outdoors.

This is important for a number of reasons, with many prioritising insulation for its assurance of low energy costs, meaning that residents can spend less money on their energy bills and still enjoy a warmer home. For others, insulation means an environmentally friendly home, one that requires little in the way of a carbon footprint.

Office Space

With remote working becoming an ever-more familiar concept to residents, there is a rising demand for home office spaces. No longer are homes solely quantified by the number of bedrooms they have but also their potential professional space.

As such, those properties with dedicated office spaces, whether in the form of spare rooms, modular set-ups, or outdoor log cabins, are more likely to see their value increase with buyers wanting to secure a home that will allow them to effectively work from home without compromising the comfort of a central living space.

Fast Internet

Broadband speeds have long been a common point of investigation when viewing a home. Now, with more buyers looking to move away from cities and out into rural areas, this scrutiny is increasingly important. Some homes are yet to have the infrastructure necessary to achieve high-speed fibre internet, often because of access issues to the property or because an area is yet to be equipped with the necessary infrastructure.

Those homes already equipped with the necessary wiring are at an advantage and the ability for new residents to move in and have access to high-speed and reliable internet will be remarkably appealing. This is partly because of the increasing need to work from home but also because the ubiquity of streaming services is putting greater pressure on home internet access.


One of the most commonly sought-after features of a new home is security. Properties should, as such, feel safe, whether due to sturdy doors and windows or because of restricted access. These designs mean that residents can feel that both they and their belongings are safer, offering a greater sense of comfort at home.

Other assets, such as cameras and spotlights, while relatively small, can have a significant and positive impact on buyers, helping to create a greater sense of security, especially if they are modern and smart devices, such as smart doorbells.