North West Calgary’s Most Desirable Communities

Calgary is an amazing city for prospective homeowners. Each quadrant and or sector of the city has amazing housing and condominium options for prospective buyers. In the North West quadrant of Calgary, Brentwood, Arbour Lake, Hillhurst, Sunnyside and Scenic Acres are all some of the most desirable communities. These communities have amenities and property opportunities that make them very attractive amongst potential Calgary buyers.

Brentwood Real Estate is made up of single family homes and bungalows, situated near a number of popular schools, parks and recreation centres. Brentwood is an attractive Calgary community with countless nearby amenities. This community neighbours Nose Hill Park, is nearby SAIT and the University of Calgary while still neighbouring local businesses. Brentwood is a great Calgary community for buyers of any age, with real estate ranging from 1960’s to newly constructed.Image result for North West Calgary’s Most Desirable Communities

Arbour Lake is the ideal community for families and busy working Calgary singles.  Calgary families will love the local community lakes, parks, schools and other amenities.  Crowchild Trail NW and Stoney Trail NW provide working singles great access to downtown and other parts of Calgary.

Hillhurst has upscale housing options coupled with affordable condo opportunities that make this North West community ideal for a huge variety of buyers.  Great local amenities and amazing river views make Hillhurst one of the most attractive North West Calgary communities.

Sunnyside is a great Calgary community that runs along the Bow River and neighbors Princes Island Park. This community has stunning upscale housing opportunities for perspective Calgary buyers. Local parks, businesses, schools and more can make Sunnyside an attractive Calgary community for families and single buyers alike.

Scenic Acres Real Estate is absolutely stunning and is situated in a Calgary community surrounded by gorgeous parks, the Bow River and convenient transportation routes.  The luxurious homes and condos in Scenic Acres are well priced and near a range of great local amenities.

Brentwood, Arbour Lake, Hillhurst, Sunnyside and Scenic Acres are some of the most attractive North West Calgary communities. If you have any questions about the real estate opportunities in these communities contact a trusted Calgary real estate professional. North West Calgary Real Estate ranges in price, amenities and size, with each community having benefits and hindrances that is why using a real estate professional for your home buying or selling transaction can improve the sale and purchase of your home.