Methods for Preventing (and Unclogging) a Blocked Drain

Clogged drains are no laughing matter. They appear to appear out of nowhere after a shower or bath and can damage your shower, bathtub, or drain. Clogs may ruin your entire day and are inconvenient to cope with. They may appear to be inescapable at times, but there are various methods to prevent your drain from backing up, and if all else fails, there are even more techniques to unclog it.

Continue reading for all of the tips and tactics for quickly getting your bathroom back to normal, as well as why the experts at Valley Plumbing are the best place to go for all of your drain cleaning needs whether you live in Salt Lake City, Lehi, or Bountiful, UT.


If your kitchen or bathroom sink becomes clogged, consider installing a strainer in your drain while you’re washing dishes to capture any stray food waste that didn’t make it into the garbage. If you have trash disposal in your kitchen sink, make sure to clean it on a regular basis to avoid buildup. In contrast to bathroom clogs, a clogged kitchen sink can be especially unpleasant due to rotting food buildup and the odors it might emit.

Valley Plumbing has expertise in unclogging both kitchen and bathroom drains, so no drain is too clogged for them to repair. They have been assisting individuals like you since 2011, so they have seen it all. Even the most difficult clogs may be removed from sinks and bathtubs. This set of seasoned workers is unfazed by food or hair. Call them today to make an appointment!

Line Snakes

Most DIY handymen have used a drain snake to unblock a drain, but many people are unaware that drain snakes may be kept in your bathroom drain to capture hair before it becomes clogged. This allows you to simply prevent the blockage from forming. Although it may not capture all of the hair in your bathroom, it will surely make it easier for Valley Plumbing to snake your drain!

Leave it to the Professionals

Despite our best efforts, clogged drains do occur on occasion. Although there are several techniques to unclog a drain on your own, calling a professional is the most effective and certain approach to get your tub or sink draining in no time. Calling Valley Plumbing can ensure that your shower remains a shower and not a tub. Valley Plumbing has ten years of drain cleaning knowledge and can blast through even the most solid and immovable clogs.

Even better, if an issue emerges at the last minute, there is no need to panic. Their service can dispatch an emergency plumber in Lehi, UT. This, along with their low costs, means you can never go wrong by contacting them!

Nobody likes to cope with the unpleasant task of unclogging a drain on their own. With a little care and planning, a few preventative actions may go a long way toward keeping these situations rare and infrequent. That, along with having a team of drain cleaners on your side like Valley Plumbing, guarantees that stinky, unclean, blocked drains are the last thing on your mind the next time you step into the shower.