Learn How to Have an Arch Created in The Trees Lining Your Driveway

Having trees lining your driveway can create a very beautiful look, but the trees must be properly shaped to create a lovely arch for people to drive through. It is best to hire a professional tree cutting service to create the arch with the limbs that you want. The following guide will walk you through a few things you need to know about having a beautiful arch down your driveway.

Consider the Health of the Trees

Before the trees are trimmed to create the arch, a tree surgeon will take the time to examine all the trees. You want to be sure that all the trees are strong and healthy so that you do not have to worry about them falling over during a storm. Any trees that are not healthy, will be removed before any trimming takes place.

Consider the Height of the Arch

Next, you need to consider how high you want the arch to be. If you do not have a lot of tall vehicles coming down your driveway on a regular basis, you may not need the arch to be too high.

Consider the Width of the Arch

Next, you need to consider how wide you want the arch to be. If the trees grow very close to the driveway, you may need to have the arch wider than trees that are planted further away from the edge of the driveway. You want to be sure that the limbs of the trees do not scrape the sides of vehicles driving down the driveway so making the arch wide enough is important. The company should be able to advise you as to how wide your arch should be to keep cars from being damaged as they travel on your driveway.

Consider the Maintenance of the Arch

Finally, you need to consider the maintenance of the arch. Tree surgeons will be able to let you know how often the trees will need to be trimmed to maintain the look you want going down your driveway. If you notice that any of the limbs are damaged during a storm or start to droop, the tree trimming company can come and fix the issues quickly and easily.

Once all these things have been considered, the tree cutting company should be able to create the arch quickly and easily. As people drive down your driveway and have trees creating an arch over the car, it will create a whimsical, romantic look.