Important Swimming-Pool Supplies

If you are a looking for pool supplies in Long Island, you might need to visit Brinkmann’s Hardware which has an excellent choice of equipment for all your pool needs. The range of equipment found in this hardware store are capable of keeping your pool clean and free from any form of contamination. Some of the equipment you will find in this pool include pH decreasers, pH increasers, test strips, chlorine, salt, algaecide, and pool shock. Markedly, it is not advisable to fill a pool and leave it without any form of sanitary maintenance. With no proper maintenance measures, a pool is likely to cause infection to its users which makes it a health hazard. Below is some popular pool equipment which you can purchase from Brinkmann’s Hardware.

Pool Shock

These are non-chlorine and chlorine compounds which help in destroying chloramines, bacteria, and algae. Also, they increase the free chlorine levels especially when these levels are zero or when combined chlorine is above 0.5 ppm.


In some instances, algae can cloud a pool making the waters turn green. Considering that algae provide the much needed for bacteria the health risk of using the pool with algae will increase. However, by adding algaecide 15 to 30 minutes before any swimming session makes the waters safe.


To ensure that chlorine doesn’t degrade due to exposure to UV light, Cyanuric acid can be added to the pool as it bonds to chlorine making it more stable. After adding this additive, chlorine breaks down more slowly.


This additive helps in collecting foreign particles causing them to clump together in such a way that they can easily be caught using filtration method. As such, the cloudiness in the pool will be reduced significantly.

pH Decreaser and Increaser

Markedly, to increase or decrease the acidity of pool water, you will need to alter its pH value. By increasing the pH value, acidity increases and the dissipation of chlorine slows down. However, high pH values can hinder the effectiveness of other disinfectants, and in extreme cases, it can cause corrosion.

Pool Salt

Pool salt consists of chlorine and sodium, and when added to the pool water, a chemical reaction takes place which changes chlorine ions into hypochlorous acid. Noticeably, this acid has lower odor compared to pure chlorine and doesn’t cause eye or skin irritation.


The importance of adding chlorine to pool water is that it reduces the risk of contracting waterborne illnesses by destroying the cell walls of microorganisms after which it breaks down its enzymes and proteins.

In a nutshell, it is imperative that regular maintenance and disinfection of pool water is done to ensure that there are no health hazards posed to users. To get quality and dependable pool supplies in long islands, you should consider visiting Brinkmann’s Hardware for fantastic deals.