How to Prepare Your Home and Sell It within 5-12 Weeks

For Sale By Owner (FSBO) is easier than more of the people think it is. Moreover, it has many advantages over hiring an agent like you save the expenses of hiring one. Now, let’s say you’ve decided to go FSBO, you’d definitely want to know how to prepare your home in order to sell it within 5-12 weeks and we are here to help you out with it!

Before selling your house and buying a new one

Consider the house’s location, accessibility, shopping and other feasibilities before purchasing it. Note that whatever you think before buying a new house for yourself, the buyer of your house is probably going to think about it, too. For FSBO leads, consider companies that have been in the business for a while. It provides up to date leads with no duplication and helps in saving you some precious time. Visit the website, pick the state and country you wish to be covered for leads, complete the sign up form and you’re golden! It will send you leads 7 days a week!

Now let’s get started with preparing your home for sale.

Week 1: The Exterior

Store all your required stuff lying around on floors, and eliminate the items which aren’t needed. A messy floor is a buyer repellent.

Also, a catchy look is definitely what’s going to attract buyers. You don’t want a dirty and messy house to be featured in your flyers. You should ensure that the surroundings are clean and maintained like green and trimmed grass, proper paint etc.

Week2: The Interior

Updated interiors are always a preference. Install new hardware if the old ones are worn out; paint the walls and the ceiling if they are dirty and outdated. When your exteriors and interiors are up to date and attractive, it’s time to do some marketing!

Week3: Marketing

Flyers: Flyers are traditional way of marketing, but it’s still one of the best. Hand out the flyers to neighbors, friends, family etc. Get a picture of your house printed on the flyers to make it attractive. Also, include contact information and all other details in the flyers.

Pictures: Pictures attract buyers. Period. Make sure that the pictures are clicked beautifully and in suitable lighting.

Website: Build a website, may it be using WordPress or any other site. Include impressive pictures of the interiors and exteriors of your house. Mention the contact information, address etc. Keep in mind to give out important details such as size, features, location, accessibility etc.

Week4: Showcase

Everyone who has shown interest would be keen to have a look at your house, give them their chance. Invited them to glance over your beautiful house, just make sure that the house is perfectly cleaned. Keep handy the cookies and flyers.  

Week5 onwards: Be ready for offers and exercise negotiation skills

Keep in loop whatever you’ve been doing up till now and as soon as you start receiving offers, exercise good negotiation skills. Your sale is in your hand!