How to Pick the Perfect Garage Door Style that Matches Your Home

Your garage door is a prominent part of the façade of your home. There are various styles, materials, sizes, and colors available in the market; you can check them out at However, choosing the best style and color that would suit your home requires careful planning. Here are tips for choosing the perfect garage door:


Decide on the material that best suits your climate.

There are four main types of materials used for garage doors: wood, steel, aluminum, PVC/fiberglass overlays. They vary in durability, depending on the climate of your location.

  • Wood

Among all variants, wood is the most expensive material. It can be styled to look classic or contemporary, depending on the style of your home. However, this material is not recommended if you live within a few miles from the ocean. Saline air will only corrode the wood. Wood material also requires regular maintenance such as painting or varnishing.

  • Steel

The sturdiest among all choices, steel is also available in numerous color, style, and finish options. Although it is tough, it is prone to scratches and dents. It may also rust overtime especially if you live in an area with humid air.

  • Aluminum

This material is perfect if you plan to install operating mechanisms on your garage door. It is lightweight and rustproof – the best fit for areas with high humidity.

  • PVC/Fiberglass Overlays

The price of this material is less expensive than wood but more expensive than the metal options. It suits any type of climate. It is durable but very prone to cracks.


Match the architecture of your home.

Consider the architectural style of your home. On traditional homes, perhaps you would want a garage door that blends in with its overall aesthetic. On the other hand, modern or contemporary homes can enhance its unique design with a statement garage door. Here are some common home styles and garage door styles that best compliment them.

  • Victorian: stable look, paneled wood, hardware such as iron handles and/or hinges
  • Ranch: plain white finish, wooden bands or slats, small windows
  • Contemporary: stained/varnished wood, V-ribbed banding, horizontal banding, glass


Choose a color that matches your home.

The color of your garage door does not need to have the same color as your home. However, for added style, find a garage door color that compliments the color of your home. A good indicator of a complementing color is when it blends in, not stand out.


Consider other features for your garage door.

To maximize the functionality of your garage door, you might want to consider adding safety features, a door opener mechanism, and/or an insulation system. Install safety features to your garage door especially if you have children or expensive cars. Most automatic door openers retract if an obstruction is sensed. Insulation is recommended for garages with workshops.


Following the tips above will guarantee that you will find the perfect garage door that suits your home. Remember, it is also important to trust a professional and follow their advice.