How Many Watts Does an Air Conditioner Use?

To keep your house cool and comfy during the hot, muggy summers, you must have a reliable air conditioner. The amount of energy that air conditioning units use to move heat out of your house can have a significant effect on both your electricity cost and ecological footprint. Read further about how much electricity various kinds of air conditioners use on average, how to monitor your wattage use and the reasons why your cooling system might start using more electricity to chill your house suddenly. Find the best AC Repair services in your city.

Window air conditioners

Small areas, such as dormitories at night, can be comfortably cooled with a window air conditioner. Additionally, it can be used to chill areas without pipes, such as an attic or a home workplace. Large window air conditioners use 1,400 watts per hour, while small ones use 500 watts per hour.

Portable air conditioners

A portable air conditioner can cool the entire floor of the home. They are movable between level and space. The vapor must be drained, so they do require a pipe. Although they do not need pipes, portable air conditioners typically use more energy than a fixed air conditioning system. Portable air conditioners generally consume 2,900 to 4,100 volts per hour.

Mini-Split and Ductless Air Conditioning Systems

One external unit and up to four interior units make up mini-split air conditioners, which are zoned cooling systems. They do not need pipes and consume between 700 and 2,000 watts of electricity per hour. Older homes without air pipes frequently use ductless air conditioners, which can also be used to chill freshly completed rooms or extensions to homes.

Central Air Conditioners: Cooling Function

A 2,000-square-foot house with classic ceilings requires 3.5 tons of cooling electricity, whereas central air conditioning units use 1,000 watts per ton of cooling capacity. A larger AC will consume more watts per hour if your house has a roof, two floors, lots of windows, single-pane windows, inadequate insulation, or exposure to direct sunlight.

Central Air Conditioners: Fan -Only

In the fan-only mode, which is available on air conditioning systems, the air handler’s fan circulates the air in the house without any chilling cycles. The weather or humidity level can not change, but the air quality will. On this level, the air conditioner will consume 750 watts per hour, as opposed to a 42-inch ceiling fan’s 800 watts per hour.

What Causes Air Conditioners to Increase Their Watt Usage?

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