Parking Tiles: Are These Really Necessary?

Parking area happens to be one of the most important parts of any domestic and commercial building. It tolerates both footfall and the heavy weight of vehicles. A parking area has to face the weather as well. From rain, sun to snow, dust and dirt, it has to face all of these. that is why the paring area requires a bit of more care and thought. It will not be enough to choose any tile for the parking area. It requires something that is specially designed to tolerate everything. Choosing home parking tiles (กระเบื้องโรงรถ, term in Thai) is one of the best decisions that a homeowner can make. Even commercial spaces also require proper parking tiles so that it does not require frequent repairs and replacements.

Strength and durability

The parking area is about to get heavy traffic along with the treading of heavy vehicles. So, it is quite normal for this zone to face rough usage. Chipping and breaking of tiles do not seem to be uncommon in this area. Chipping and broken tiles would require replacement and repairing. Parking tiles are made in a way which enables these to tolerate this weight with ease. Strong and thick, these tiles can easily let the cars glide without getting any chipping and breaking. There won’t be any need to choose a retiling project for many years to come.

Anti-skid and slip resistant

The relation between cars and skid is something that is dangerous. It can cause major accidents and injuries. The flooring must be such that it can easily prevent such accidents. Anti-skid parking tiles are wise choices that does not let cars skid. Slip resistant tiles are also a requirement in this zone as no one would like to face a slip and fall accident in the zone. Slip resistant tiles prevent people from slipping even when wet. Such tiles in commercial parking zone would be able to provide a better security to the people treading in the area.

Easy maintenance

Dust, dirt and mud are common in this zone. The wheels can easily bring in such things to the parking zone. It will be an every-day issue and cleaning the mess up would be a huge headache in a busy area. The stains from mud can ruin the color and beauty of the tiles as well. The parking tiles can be easily cleaned up just by mopping them. There won’t be any stain that would require an immediate replacement of the stained tiles. Once you choose such quality parking tiles, there is no need to worry about any tough maintenance routine or repairing project.


Parking zone need not be very much of a boring space. You can easily add a burst of colors to it with the help of the tiles. These tiles come in various color schemes and shapes giving you enough options to choose from. Such versatility along with great quality makes parking tiles an impeccable choice for both commercial and domestic space looking create a durable parking floor.