How Long Do Garbage Disposals Last?

Many homeowners want to reduce the amount of trash they need to throw away, and one way to do this is by lowering kitchen waste by shredding it. Once the waste is shredded, it will then go down the drain to leave the homeowner’s life for good.

Thanks to how convenient a garburator is to the average homeowner’s life, they will likely abuse them throughout the years and shorten the device’s lifespan. A well-maintained and properly-used garbage disposal unit can last for 15 years, allowing the homeowner to save money in the long-run instead of replacing the unit every few years. Many people think that they can throw basically anything down the drain thanks to the garburator, only to end up with clogged drains and a burdened motor and blades when coffee grounds are drained there.

It’s essential to be selective in what to drain through a garburator since it can overburden the device and cause it to break too early. Everyone must keep coffee grounds, fibrous foods, nuts, bones, grease, and inedible items from the garbage disposal and only drain soft foods, chopped foods, non-starchy vegetable and fruit scraps, and liquids. Using the device this way ensures that it will last longer than when people just throw everything away there.

Looking for drain cleaning services to fix otherwise avoidable clogged drains can be costly for the average homeowner, especially if they find out that they need to replace their unit. Cutting costs is possible by maintaining the device on top of using it properly.

Should a homeowner need to replace their old garburator, they must look for newer models to guarantee that they will last long. The device might seem too costly, but it at least keeps the homeowner from looking for a replacement too soon. New garbage disposal units that are kept in top shape will likely last for around 15 years. To know more about a garburator’s lifespan, see this article by Mr. Rooter.