How Landscaping Affects Property Value

Landscaping and yard maintenance chores tend to take a backseat on your to-do list when you are swamped with other responsibilities, but the reality is that landscaping can play a major role on your property value. Beautiful landscaping with a gorgeous design and mature vegetation can impact property value by up to five to ten percent. This can be a substantial amount of money for most homeowners, so you clearly do not want to overlook the importance of landscaping when taking care of your home. By learning more about how landscaping affects property value, you may be ready to improve your yard with beautiful results.

Improved Curb Appeal

One of the ways landscaping affects property value is through curb appeal. When you prepare to list your home for sale, you should be aware that many home buyers will make a snap judgment about your property based on its appearance. They may perceive that a well-maintained yard also means that the entire home has been cared for properly over the years and that the interior is just as attractive at the exterior. This may encourage them to take a tour of the home. When traffic and interest in your home increases, you are more likely to sell it for top dollar.

Better Property Condition

Property condition based on landscaping can also affect home values. For example, if your trees are not properly maintained and trimmed each year by the team at tree branches can hang over the roof and cause damage. They can also blow into your siding and windows and cause additional damage during a strong storm. When trees are not pruned, excessive shade can make it difficult to grow a lush, green lawn. This can negatively affect curb appeal. Landscaping can also affect erosion around your home’s foundation, which can be detrimental to property condition. If your home is not maintained in good condition, your overall property value can suffer.

How to Enjoy Great Results

Many homeowners struggle with their yards. Some lack the green thumb that is necessary to create the beautiful lawn they are dreaming about. Others may know what it takes to have a beautiful lawn and yard, but they do not have the time or energy to complete the tasks. A smart idea is to hire a professional landscaping company to assist with all aspects of yard maintenance or design that you are struggling with. While there is a cost associated with using professional services, you will benefit from having a lovely yard that boosts your property value. 

As you can see, yard design and maintenance are critical components to your home’s value. They also affect pride of ownership, energy efficiency in the home, the condition of your home and its foundation and more. This is not an area of home maintenance that you want to slack on. If you are not able to properly care for your yard to your satisfaction, now is the time to schedule landscaping service with a professional crew.