How Having a Garbage Disposal May Lead to a Blocked Kitchen Sink (And How Plumbing Nerds Can Help!)

These days, trash disposal can be found in the majority of contemporary kitchens, which may be found in a variety of dwellings ranging from flats to farmhouses. Sadly, the sheer volume of food that is flushed down the toilet as a result of this may easily produce a backup or a blockage, which can transform your kitchen from something out of a Food Network fantasy into something more like what you would see on the Discovery Channel.

When it comes to removing tough clogs and blockages, the drain cleaning specialists at Plumbing Nerds are, fortunately, always available to give a helping hand and provide advice and assistance. Here is how a helpful kitchen gadget, if you aren’t cautious, may create a spot of problem, and here is how Plumbing Nerds can assist you in getting out of a sticky position if you find yourself in one.

Blade Buildup

To perform its job, garbage disposals slice food into little pieces, therefore preventing it from becoming a clog in the pipes and allowing it to be flushed down the drain. It all depends on how often you use these blades, but eventually, they’re going to have gunk on them. When that gunk gets thick enough, it’s going to slip off the blades and go down the drain, where it’s going to get caught in the pipes and cause a clog. In most cases, this issue may be resolved by using a trash disposal cleaner or a solution consisting of baking soda and vinegar.

In certain cases, the problem may be more difficult than that, and you may need to contact the experts at Plumbing Nerds since the pipes may be too blocked for someone who is not a professional to be able to clear them. Because of their many years of expertise, the Naples & Port Royal Plumbers at Plumbing Nerds won’t have any trouble removing those annoying obstructions in your sink that are produced by the accumulation of gunk.

Over Use

Even though trash disposal is a very helpful appliance for the active chef, it is possible to burn it out by using it too much in a very short amount of time. This will cause the appliance to overheat and become inoperable. In certain cases, this may lead it to shatter beyond the point of just letting it cool down, but regardless of the circumstances, the food that is already in the pipe will be stuck there and have nowhere to go. If this is allowed to remain there, germs and mold will begin to build, which will eventually lead to a blockage. Because of this, aromas may start to permeate your kitchen, and you may find yourself dealing with pests like fruit flies and other small insects that are drawn to moist foods because of the smells that they give off. The most effective course of action to take in this scenario is to make an effort to flush out as much of the food that is caught in that side of the sink as you possibly can.

If there is food stuck deep in the drain, give Plumbing Nerds a call to ensure that everything is clean and that nothing has been left behind that could potentially cause a very smelly problem. This will ensure that you won’t have any unforeseen inconveniences until you are able to get your garbage disposal fixed. If there is food stuck deep in the drain, give Plumbing Nerds a call to ensure that everything is clean and that nothing has been left behind that could potentially cause a very smelly problem.

As houses have been brought into the 21st century and their kitchens have been modernized, many homeowners have become used to the luxury of having trash disposal in their homes. Unfortunately, this comes with additional obstacles that need to be overcome. However, with the assistance of Plumbing Nerds, inconvenient problems like clogs, blockages, and unclean drains are something that can be treated in a timely manner, in a competent manner, and without completely emptying your financial account. It is evident, given that they have been awarded stars, that their reputation is well earned and that the assistance they provide is one for which your house will be grateful to you.