Four Varieties of Useful Household Lubricants

Whether you’re faced with a rusty bolt, a sticky lock or a squeaky exercise machine, different situations call for different types of lubricants. Oils, grease, penetrating sprays and powders all have their place in home maintenance when you are considering industrial lubricant richmond va.

Squeaky Hinges

For squeaky hinges or lubricating small parts such as in a sewing machine, oil is the best choice. It flows easily and can be inserted into small spaces. Be sure to wipe up afterward because oil often leaks out onto surrounding surfaces.

Grinding Gears

Use grease on chains, gears and parts that need to keep moving. Grease is thicker than oil and will stay in place longer. It is also good at keeping dust and dirt out of the mechanism. Grease is a good choice for items you might not use very often because it stays put for a long time.

Frozen Bolts

When you are confronted with a bolt that won’t move, you need a penetrating lubricant. These usually come in a spray can, but you can make your own with two parts vegetable oil and one part acetone–the primary ingredient in nail polish remover. Mix together and put into a spray bottle. Spray some of the mixture on rusty or frozen up parts that won’t move. The downside of penetrating lubricants is that their lubricating properties don’t last long, so after that part is unstuck, lubricate it with oil or grease to keep it working.

Sticky Locks

Not all situations call for oil or grease. If the lock is sticking on the front door or the car, spraying it with graphite or silicon spray can get it working smoothly again. Powder lubricants are used in enclosed spaces that don’t get wet.

Knowing what lubricant to use for different jobs can keep your home running smoothly with no squeaking, grinding and minimal swearing. Keep different products on hand so you can match the right lubricant to the right job.