AC Upkeep: Taking Precautions to Remain Cool

It’s time to switch out your heater for an air conditioner when it starts to get hot. You should be ready for heat waves since it will get quite hot very quickly. Most likely, you already have a reliable air conditioner in place, but the upkeep will need more of your time.

If they are properly maintained, air conditioners may survive for many years. Fortunately, the steps to take are clear-cut, with many of them being simple enough to be finished by hand. To ensure that your unit will keep you happy throughout the season, keep the following advice in mind. However, if a situation gets out of hand, call a Postma Heating & Cooling HVAC specialist for assistance any air conditioning services in Chatham-Kent, ON you may require.


A multitude of tasks are accomplished by air conditioners. The ability to capture dust, allergies, and other airborne particles is one of these roles. They achieve this by utilizing filters, which over time, may get blocked. Your air conditioner may malfunction when this happens, or it may overwork itself. Make sure the filters are cleaned and changed each month to avoid this.

Depending on the kind of filter, washing it with soap and water can be adequate. However, certain filters need to be updated since they are not water-resistant. To remove any loose particles, kindly remove the disposable filter and softly tap it. The filter should next be scrubbed with a soft-bristled brush and washed with warm water. Allow the filters to air dry after a thorough cleaning.

Keep Your AC Equipment Clean

The filters on the exterior of your air conditioner are susceptible to damage from obstacles. It’s possible for leaves and twigs to jam the condenser coils and stop the appliance from dispersing heat effectively. It is crucial to frequently check and clean the coils because of this. Clean off the coils of any dirt, dust, or other material that has accumulated there. You may do this with a brush or a vacuum cleaning attachment with soft bristles. After cleaning the coils, give them a thorough water rinse to get rid of any residual cleanser.

Getting Your Furnace Checked Regularly

If you think your air conditioner is in perfect working condition, it can be counterproductive to hire an HVAC specialist to examine it. Nevertheless, it can end up costing you less money in the long run. They will carry out the aforementioned cleaning methods when they come to inspect your system and search for electrical damage. If they find any issues, they will address them right away to prevent any harm and extend the lifespan of your equipment.

Residents of Chatham-Kent, ON, don’t need to go far to get reliable assistance. They only need to give Postma Heating & Cooling a call. Since 1983, their staff has been doing repairs and upkeep on both central and window air conditioners.

In addition to the fundamental tasks mentioned above, Postma Heating & Cooling could carry out riskier or more complex procedures. Other AC services include thermostat recalibration, refrigerant replenishment, and wire and electrical line tightening.

Remember that the objective of your air conditioner is to keep you comfortable. Give it some love by letting Postma Heating & Cooling regularly clean and maintain it!