Curtains: A Way of Enhanced Living


When it comes to decorating a room, one element that people are least concerned about is the window treatment. Generally, people buy curtains as an afterthought, something that must go up at that place but isn’t really a big matter of concern. The point of interest here is that window treatment does matter a lot and it should be an integral element under consideration when you are renovating or decorating your living place. If you do think about window décor, then you may know that selecting a suitable curtain can become surprisingly complex.  Selecting a wrong type or colour of curtain can actually ruin the design of your room while on the other side a perfectly matching curtain can lead to harmonious existence with your style and add a classy touch to your home.

Why should you use curtains?

Curtains have been used since ages, starting as a rudimentary piece of cloth but nowadays it has become a major item which reflects the style statement of your room. Other than decoration, curtains have many uses like:-

  • Privacy – Curtains provide you privacy to your places where you don’t want outsiders to look in, be it your living room, bedroom, etc.
  • Temperature control – Curtains helps to retain heat in the winter season and keep your room cooler in summer. This not only feels great but also decreases the heating and cooling costs.
  • Obscure light – Heavy curtains allows you to control the amount of light that enters your room whether it is sunlight, outside light or moonlight.
  • Sound-proofing – You can also install sound-proofing curtains to reduce the noise coming from outside.

Types of Curtains

Overwhelm your room with various stylish curtains. Check out the latest types of curtains here:-

  • Flat panel curtains – Hung from poles on clip-on rings, these curtains are made from pieces of fabrics hemmed over all the four edges to give a simple and versatile look.
  • Table top curtains – Designed with narrow straps of fabric that loop and tie around top edge and hung from the pole are generally used as two stationary fabric panels at the sides of the window pane.
  • Sash curtains – Utilized to cover lower sash of the windows.
  • Rod pocket curtains – A piece of fabric with channel of holes on the top through which rod is passed and hung.
  • Blackout or thermal curtains – Multiple layers of tightly sewn fabric that not only blocks thermal radiations but also blocks light.

Things to Ponder before You Buy Your Next Curtain

  • Colour and fabric – Colour and fabric will decide how elegantly your Kardinad compliment the decor of your house. Bright colours should be avoided from windows with direct sunlight, preventing the colour from fading away.
  • Length of the curtain– In formalroom, curtains should just touch the floor, extra-large size in romantic rooms, up to the sill in kitchen and exactly down the floor in family rooms.
  • Washing machine friendly– This will make your work easy while cleaning.
  • Curtain rods– Select wisely as they should complement your curtains.

So, when are you hitting the shopping mall next time?

Author Box:

Scott Forbes is your home décor advisor who discusses the essential side of using the right kind of accessories for your house. He gives importance to the kind of curtains that you choose for your house which not only improve the appearance but also influence the environment setting.