Common Restaurant Equipment Breakdowns

No matter what your task is, working in a restaurant can be full of both hustle and bustle. Whether you are washing dishes, cooking, or filling up drinks, the pace has to remain fast and efficient to keep clients happy. However, there are bound to be a few snags along the way, and it can slow the process down immediately.

If any of the following issues are keeping your restaurant from operating at its peak performance, make sure you call Steve’s Refrigeration for assistance. Their commercial restaurant equipment services throughout Panhandle, TX, have kept owners relieved for over 40 years.


As a staple for all meals, griddles need to keep running from breakfast time through a dinner rush. Since they are used so often, griddles may be more susceptible to needing to be repaired than other devices in the kitchen. Some common problems that line cooks might see with their griddle include a lack of heat or uneven cooking of the food they are making.

Ice Cream Machines

A big joke for some more popular eating establishments is the fact that they cannot give their customers ice cream because the machine is not working. While some may think it is just an excuse, there are plenty of reasons for this issue actually to occur. For starters, these devices need to be cleaned out often, or else they can get stuck with any extra ice cream mix. Along with this, faulty a faulty thermostat can cause the temperature of the machine to be too high, and the mixture will not freeze.

Beverage Dispensers

Drinks are a prevalent part of a meal, no matter if it is water or soda. Those who wait on customers can often rely on the machines to dispense beverages in an instant so that their customers don’t become impatient. However, much like griddles, this excessive use can cause them to overwork and break. Even if they do not stop working entirely, these dispensers could see issues like no fizz in sodas or releasing too much syrup in a drink. Meanwhile, coffee machines may release grounds instead of a fresh brew.


A dishwasher is a huge relief for restaurant staff because customers and constantly coming and going, meaning that there needs to be plates and silverware ready at all times. Even though bussers can scrub dishes in the sink, a dishwasher will get heavy loads done quickly. If a unit stops working, then piles of dirty dishes are likely to amass and can put a lapse on how much food leaves the kitchen, meaning customers sit around longer.

Get Fast-Acting Assistance Any Time of the Day

The moment a problem arises at your restaurant, you should not be forced to wait around. Doing so will mean turning customers away and maybe even shutting down for the day, which can cost you money. Thankfully, a technician from Steven’s Refrigeration can be there for you in an instant.

Unlike other HVAC technicians, Steven’s Refrigeration specializes solely in commercial clients, meaning they are properly trained in dealing with even the biggest of appliances. Over the last 40 years, they have handled an array of systems that are located in a restaurant, even a walk-in freezer.

While you have them there to fix up things in the kitchen, Steve’s Refrigeration can also help you out with your heating and air conditioning devices, too. That way, not only can you still keep up with service, but you can keep your customers and staff feeling comfortable.

Keeping your customers happy is a big part of your mission as a restaurant owner. The same can be said about Steve’s Refrigeration when you become their client. Let them be there for you so you can keep your restaurant running smoothly at all points of business hours.