Common Furnace Problems Faced by Residents in the Greater Philadelphia Area

Few things in life are worse than waking up to a freezing cold home in the middle of the night. Philadelphia offers winters replete with biting temperatures, mounds of snow, and a bitter chill in the air. To ensure that your home is prepared for the coming winter, assess your furnace for potential signs of disrepair.

According to a report published by the Department of Energy, older fossil fuel furnaces have efficiency ranges hovering between 56% and 70%, while newer models can be as efficient as 98.5%. Not only can a worn-down furnace signal potential for repair, it can cost you a lot of money on the way.

Let’s outline the most common reasons you might need furnace repair in the Greater Philadelphia area!

Top Furnace Issues & How to Address Them

The modern furnace is designed to convert nearly all of its fossil fuel into heat to provide the home with warmth. However, even the nicest of modern systems can face issues that cause the temperatures to drop when you need warmth the most.

Are you facing a potential problem with your furnace? Take a closer look at these common issues before deciding whether you need to call on the team at City Plumbing.

Problem #1 – Furnace Is Not Producing Enough Heat

A furnace that struggles to produce enough heat is different from one that has quit working entirely. There are a variety of reasons why a furnace may become sluggish with regard to producing heat, and dirty filters are the most common cause. Regularly cleaning or otherwise replacing your furnace’s air filters can lead to improved air quality and a rise in heat produced by the furnace. Air filtration cleaning should be done on a regular basis, so consider scheduling routine cleaning services with your local HVAC team.

Problem #2 – Furnace Won’t Produce Any Heat

There is a sizable difference between a furnace that will produce some heat and a furnace that won’t produce any heat. A furnace that refuses to produce heat may be facing a major obstruction somewhere along the path of the system. While dirty filters can cause this issue, they alone are not always the problem. Check for flipped circuit breakers to ensure power is getting to the unit. Other potential causes of a furnace not producing heat include a faulty pilot light. Should this not solve the issue, calling in licensed furnace repair technicians may be the best decision!

Problem #3 – Rapid Heat Cycling Problems

Do you keep waking up to a furnace that is turning off and on again? A furnace that constantly cycles may be doing so for a variety of reasons. From issues with the pilot switch to problems with air filtration, it might be time to call in a professional. If cleaning your filters doesn’t remedy this issue, get on the phone with repair technicians to have them assess your system in its entirety.

Regularly checking your heating and air conditioning units for problems can go a long way toward preventing them entirely. With a little bit of preparation and support from your local HVAC company, it is easier than ever to make sure your home is prepared for the winter.