Choosing Luxury Outdoor Furniture To Transform Your Back Yard

Luxury outdoor furniture is something that we all aspire to, but it doesn’t have to be out of reach. No matter how much space you have, whether you have a back yard or a garden, the addition of garden furniture changes the game when it comes to the aesthetic you are trying to create. The best back yard for you is one where you can relax or entertain, where you can spend hours relaxing during the long summer night’s but also have the option to head outdoors during winter nights, adding a fire pit to brighten and warm the space. 

What do you want from your back yard?

Working out what you want from your back yard is the starting point to choosing the best outdoor furniture that will transform the space. Do you want your yard to be an entertainment space for friends and family to visit? Will it be more about providing you and your family with a relaxing area to sit and read a book, to chill out with some music and a glass of wine, to recharge your batteries?

Choosing luxury garden furniture material

Creating a luxurious feel to your back yard isn’t about finding the most expensive pieces, it is about quality materials that are right for what you want. It is about creating that area of safety and calm that suits your aesthetic. Think about the durability you’ll require from furniture outside, that may be open to the elements, how much maintenance will be needed, and the comfort you are searching for. Outdoor luxury furniture is made from materials such as:

  • Metal – stainless steel, aluminium, and wrought iron are all popular due to robustness, lightweight properties, and ease of cleaning and maintenance.
  • Timber – a classic, timeless material that is naturally resistant to rot, is dense and robust, and looks fantastic.
  • Rattan – traditional in outdoor furniture for centuries, synthetic rattan is designed for all-weather.

Think about the weather

One of the biggest factors in choosing your outdoor garden furniture is the weather, especially for a UK property. Weather-resistant materials are a must, to ensure rust-resistance, but also consider covering the area too. With a lot of rain and wind in the UK, furniture quickly gets damaged and worn out if it is the wrong material. You even need to consider sun damage to the material too.

What about the weight of the outdoor furniture?

Heavy furniture brings with it a solidity that helps to withstand wind and other elements, but also adds to the luxurious feel you are attempting to create. The key is to make sure it isn’t too heavy so that the furniture is difficult to move around when you are reconfiguring for different purposes.

Cohesive design

Whatever aesthetic you are creating in your back yard, choose furniture that fits in with that. So, if you are looking for a minimalist design, choose outdoor furniture that sits within that style of design. Other popular types of outdoor furniture design include industrial and mid-century modern.

Be comfortable

No matter what design you decide, you must always prioritise comfort. If you have outdoor furniture that is uncomfortable to sit in but looks great, you’ve not hit the brief and you’ve just got style over substance. A good balance between the two is needed, as the whole point of transforming your back yard with luxury outdoor furniture is to enjoy spending time out there.

As you can see, there are a few approaches you can take to transform your back yard by choosing luxury outdoor furniture. Creating your perfect back yard can be done with ease once you realise there are suppliers of luxury garden furniture with the solutions you are searching for. Finding the right materials, layout, design, and colours of garden furniture that match the style you want to create takes some focus, but it is exciting to piece everything together.