Captivating Kitchens: The Most Popular Designs Of 2016

With the start of 2017 and an exciting year of opportunity ahead in home design, it’s worth looking back at some of the most popular kitchen styles of the previous year — several are bound to remain in high demand throughout the next 12 months because they’re so captivating.

The kitchen is always one of the busiest rooms in the house and therefore homeowners understandably put a lot of care and detail into making sure the appearance is going to be practical but also long-lasting. There’s a wide range of materials available, including stones like marble and quartz, in an equally large variety of shapes, sizes and colors. The only hard part is figuring out which style will look best for a particular kitchen, and there are several options.Image result for Captivating Kitchens: The Most Popular Designs Of 2016

Black And White

Sometimes the simplest choice is also the most appropriate choice, and that’s why kitchen designs that contrast black and white colors remain a remarkably popular option. To create this elegant look, use white wall tiles and counters to pair with darker colored material for the floor. For example, the backsplash in the kitchen behind the stove or sink can be decorated with large rectangular ceramic white tiles, meeting perfectly with quartz countertops in light white and gray shades. This combination then contrasts perfectly with darker floors and cabinets for a stylish appearance.

Caramel And Cream

But options aren’t just limited to black and white, as a creative approach is possible with other hues including the beautiful mix of caramel kitchen cabinets with cream-colored flooring and countertops. Here’s where granite — a resilient and versatile stone — can come in use, opting for a pattern of cream, gray, and gold, specks for countertops that are eye-catching without being overwhelming. Combined with an all-white tile backsplash, this is a modern, attractive design.

All-White, All Right

Of course, sometimes simplicity is key and a homeowner just wants one color to dominate the kitchen. White is a reliable choice because using white flooring and countertops creates a bright, welcoming room that can be styled to look either traditional or modern. Simple white ceramic tile for backsplashes matches with light gray quartz countertops to achieve the look, and this all-white appearance helps to enhance whatever the choice for floor, including light wood flooring.

Wonderful Waterfalls

Another increasingly popular feature in kitchens is using a waterfall design on islands, which are the counters standing alone in a room separate from the cabinets, shelves and stove. Waterfall designs continue the look of the countertop down the sides of the island, creating a winning visual. When selecting this option for a kitchen, a great choice is using a lightly colored quartzite to emulate the classic marble veined look but at a much lower cost. Similar to the black and white and caramel and cream pairings, these classy white islands match wonderfully with darker flooring.

Make It Marble

Although lower-cost countertop materials like quartz are incredibly popular, for some kitchens marble is the only stone that can truly achieve the desired look. A marble countertop that mixes swirls of whites and grays creates an ageless appearance that brings almost unparalleled elegance to any kitchen, with the same pattern usable for backsplashes in the same room.

All of these styles are vastly different from each other yet are all beautiful, and should give some guidance to homeowners as they look to ring in the new year with an amazing new kitchen.