Best Vastu Consultant in Nagpur: Most Simple and Useful Vastu Tips for Perfect Interior

Everyone gets touchy when it comes to the interior design of their house. Many times, it happens that you design your house with all the effort, but after shifting, you do not feel any positive vibes. Your guests will never feel welcome in your home; you may experience continuous failure and health issues after moving in; and much more negativity. According to the best Vastu consultant in Nagpur, this could be due to the house’s incorrect Vastu.

You have designed the house but forgot to follow some basic Vastu tips. We have listed some very simple yet useful Vastu tips that may help you create the perfect interior for your house.

Simple and Useful Vastu Tips

  • Living Room: This part of the house is among the busiest ones. If you have a television in your living room, all the family members will spend most of their time sitting there. Also, it is a place where you welcome your guests. So, the vibes must always be positive and welcoming in this section. As per Vastu norms, your living room must be designed in the north or east direction of the house. The main entrance should be in the north or east direction to welcome health, wealth, and prosperity inside the house. If you have a window, place it to the north or east. Use light colors for the walls for a warm feeling. Place furniture in the south or west corner of the room. 
  • Bedroom: It is the couple’s space and therefore must be filled with love and warmth. The ideal location of the bedroom, as per Vastu norms, is in the north direction. It is also best for storing cash and other valuable documents. Avoid putting it in the northeast or southeast. The north is best for the young couple, whereas the southwest is considered for the master bedroom, which is the room of the head of the family. The ideal colors for the master bedroom are red, yellow, and green. Do not keep the double bed in the center of the room, and place the cupboards in the southwest corner. 
  • Kitchen: The kitchen is another important area of the house that is directly related to the health of the housemates. Southeast is considered the best direction for the kitchen as it abuts fire. The sink, which represents the water section, should be kept in the northeast direction of the kitchen. Keep your cooking gas in the southeast corner in such a manner that the person faces east while cooking. Keep it at some distance from the sink. Avoid placing any storage space for utensils and grains on the northern or eastern wall of your kitchen. Avoid placing toilets and bathrooms in front of your kitchen. 
  • Bathroom and Toilet: Too much negativity enters the house if the bathroom and toilet are not placed in the right location. Keep the eastern portion of the house for your bathroom. The washbasin can be placed in the northeast direction, the geyser in the southeast corner and taps and showers can be attached to the northern wall. Visit Concepts Architects for more details.