Best Outdoor Water Fountain Ideas: Garden Fountain Features

Few elements in a garden can manage to produce the same reaction and placed water feature. It ties together and conjures an entire landscape. Go on, close imagine the trickling sound of the water while feeling the soft breeze and catching the whiff of the butterfly bush. It is nice! In the world of water features, shop from the wholesale garden fountains and choose from the iconic fountains available.

These garden fountains will act as structural features and offer various angles of interest. Garden water fountains are easier to maintain than any other water features and painless to install as well.

Water fountain for home

Having a water fountain at home is not merely a great idea but a symbol of luck to many. Water fountain serves as a piece of decor outdoors, especially when installed in the garden. Bringing the atmosphere of nature at home feels like having a peaceful environment. Many claimed that having a water fountain at home brings Vastu Shastra benefits.

A water fountain helps attract wealth and money. Having a water element brings positive energy to the surrounding. Water fountain at home has significance, rules, and benefits.

The significance

A flowing water in a fountain symbolizes the flow of happiness, love, and money. Thus, keeping it around the property brings positivity and good luck. Aside from these, installing a water fountain enhances the beauty of the house and the garden, which brings joy and peace. It can also create a soothing ambiance around the area.

The right placement

The water fountain can be placed in different areas, including the garden. Placing it in the garden or the right corner, all cosmic energies of the universe start flowing in the home. If your garden is in the north direction, perfect! East and northeast are also compatible with this water element. There is a belief of installing water fountains in the south, southeast, or west zone creates problems for the household members.

Which garden fountain to install?

With a variety of garden fountains to choose from, it depends on how you want your garden to look. Various designs can be installed outdoors and in the garden. Various styles range from animal and people sculptures to tiered fountains. Here is a list of garden and water fountains available for you:

  • Lion wall fountain
  • Lisbon 2-tier self-contained fountain
  • Lucky buddha water fountain
  • Girl at the water fountain
  • Boy at the water fountain
  • Dicky bird water fountain
  • Lovers water fountain and more

If you wish to make your garden full of romantic ambiance, then you can have the lovers’ water fountain installed. Or, feel like you are the queen of your palace by putting up the woman fountain stand at the center of your garden.